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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Are science students ready for university mathematics?Groen, L; Beames, SY; Coupland, MP; Stanley, J; Bush, S; Hewitt, DP; University, TAN; Canberra
2018-07-01Are sport consumers unique? Consumer behavior within crowded sport marketsFujak, H; Frawley, S; McDonald, H; Bush, S
2018-01-01Building public confidence in medical registration revalidation: Reform of medical registration law in Australia, a new risk-based approachCarter, DJ; Street, DJ; Bush, S
2012-01-01The core mouse response to infection by Neospora caninum defined by gene set enrichment analysesEllis, J; Goodswen, S; Kennedy, PJ; Bush, S
2016-12-05Exploring experimental cerebral malaria pathogenesis through the characterisation of host-derived plasma microparticle protein contentTiberti, N; Latham, SL; Bush, S; Cohen, A; Opoka, RO; John, CC; Juillard, A; Grau, GE; Combes, V
2018-05-01Improving the prediction of maturity from anthropometric variables using a maturity ratioFransen, J; Bush, S; Woodcock, S; Novak, A; Baxter-Jones, ADG; Deprez, D; Vaeyens, R; Lenoir, M
2015-08-01In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of BlastocystisRoberts, T; Bush, S; Ellis, J; Harkness, J; Stark, D
2017-01-01A longitudinal study of the diabetic skin and wound microbiomeGardiner, M; Vicaretti, M; Sparks, J; Bansal, S; Bush, S; Liu, M; Darling, A; Harry, E; Burke, CM
2016-12-20Modelling bloom formation of the toxic dinoflagellates Dinophysis acuminata and Dinophysis caudata in a highly modified estuary, south eastern AustraliaAjani, P; Larsson, ME; Rubio, A; Bush, S; Brett, S; Farrell, H
2014-04-03Optimal designs for stated choice experiments generated from fractional factorial designsBush, S
2012-07-02Optimal designs for stated choice experiments that incorporate position effectsBush, S; Street, DJ; Burgess, L
2010-07-01Optimal designs for stated choice experiments that incorporate tiesBush, S; Burgess, L; Street, D
2020-04-28Phases of match-play in professional Australian Football: Distribution of physical and technical performance.Rennie, MJ; Kelly, SJ; Bush, S; Spurrs, RW; Austin, DJ; Watsford, ML
2022-12-15Phases of Match-Play in Professional Australian Football: Positional Demands and Match-Related Fatigue.Rennie, MJ; Kelly, SJ; Bush, S; Spurrs, RW; Sheehan, WB; Watsford, ML
2017-08-01Quantifying the value of sport broadcast rightsFujak, H; Frawley, S; Bush, S
2017-08-01Quantifying the value of sport broadcast rightsFujak, H; Frawley, S; Bush, S
2021-12-20Risk factors for delirium in adult patients receiving specialist palliative care: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Featherstone, I; Sheldon, T; Johnson, M; Woodhouse, R; Boland, JW; Hosie, A; Lawlor, P; Russell, G; Bush, S; Siddiqi, N
2015-01-01Sample size determination for logistic regression: A simulation studyBush, S
2013-01-01Slipping between the cracks? Maximising the effectiveness of prerequisite paths in UTS mathematics degreesWoodcock, S; Bush, S
2018-07-01Temperature influences habitat preference of coral reef fishes: Will generalists become more specialised in a warming ocean?Matis, PA; Donelson, JM; Bush, S; Fox, R; Booth, DJ