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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Correction to: An Interdisciplinary Definition of Pornography: Results from a Global Delphi Panel (Archives of Sexual Behavior, (2019), 10.1007/s10508-019-01554-4)McKee, A; Byron, P; Litsou, K; Ingham, R
2020-01-01Correction to: Reading for Realness: Porn Literacies, Digital Media, and Young People (Sexuality & Culture, (2020), 10.1007/s12119-020-09794-6)Byron, P; McKee, A; Watson, A; Litsou, K; Ingham, R
2020-01-01Dating apps as public health ‘problems’: cautionary tales and vernacular pedagogies in news mediaAlbury, K; McCosker, A; Pym, T; Byron, P
2021Digital Media, Friendship and Cultures of CareByron, P
2021-07-05Flirting and Friendship at the Periphery of Hook-up App ResearchByron, P; Møller, K
2017-04-03Friendship, sexual intimacy and young people’s negotiations of sexual healthByron, P
2019-01-01"Hey, i'm having these experiences": Tumblr use and young people's queer (dis)connectionsByron, P; Robards, B; Hanckel, B; Vivienne, S; Churchill, B
2021Hooking up with friends: LGBTQ plus young people, dating apps, friendship and safetyByron, P; Albury, K; Pym, T
2019-07-03‘How could you write your name below that?’ The queer life and death of TumblrByron, P
2018‘I Didn’t Want to Wake up to That’: Rules and etiquette in young people’s use of dating/hook-up appsByron, P; Albury, K; Dobson, AS; Robards, B; Carah, N
2020-01-01‘I still want to know they’re not terrible people’: Negotiating ‘queer community’ on dating appsPym, T; Byron, P; Albury, K
2019-01-01An Interdisciplinary Definition of Pornography: Results from a Global Delphi PanelMcKee, A; Byron, P; Litsou, K; Ingham, R
2017-03-16The intimacies of young people’s sexual health and pleasureByron, P
2020-07-09Learning from pornography: results of a mixed methods systematic reviewMcKee, A; Litsou, K; Byron, P; Ingham, R
-Learning from pornography: results of a mixed methods systematic reviewLitsou, K; Byron, P; McKee, A; Ingham, R
2021LGBTQ+ Communities and Digital MediaRobards, B; Byron, P; D'Souza, S; Rohlinger, D; Sobieraj, S
2021-04-08LGBTQ+ young people, COVID-19, & service provision in AustraliaByron, P; Robinson, K; Davies, C; D'Souza, S
2023-05-16LGBTQ+ young people’s digital peer support for mental healthByron, P
2022-05-17Mapping and Review of Resources for, and Needs of Vulnerable and Marginalised Young People in the Asia Pacific Region on Digital Literacy, Safety and ParticipationJohns, A; Byron, P; Cheong, N; Yulius, H; Affifi, N
-Porn literacy and young people’s digital culturesByron, P