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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Systematic Literature Review of Students as Partners in Higher EducationMercer-Mapstone, L; Dvorakova, SL; Matthews, KE; Abbot, S; Cheng, B; Felten, P; Knorr, K; Marquis, E; Shammas, R; Swaim, K
2016-01-01Automated Policy Combination for Secure Data Sharing in Cross-Organizational CollaborationsDuan, L; Zhang, Y; Chen, S; Zhao, S; Wang, S; Liu, D; Liu, RP; Cheng, B; Chen, J
2011Backward Compatible Spatialised Teleconferencing based on Squeezed RecordingsRitz, CH; Shujau, M; Zheng, X; Cheng, B; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS; Strumillo, P
2020-06-01Decentralized Real-Time Optimization of Voltage Reconfigurable Cloud Computing Data CenterHou, S; Ni, W; Zhao, S; Cheng, B; Chen, S; Chen, J
2013-05-06Electrocatalytic oxidation of n-propanol to produce propionic acid using an electrocatalytic membrane reactorLie, J; Li, J; Wang, H; Cheng, B; He, B; Yan, F; Yang, Y; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
2021-01-15Experimental cryptographic verification for near-term quantum cloud computingChen, X; Cheng, B; Li, Z; Nie, X; Yu, N; Yung, MH; Peng, X
2021-08Explaining the slow progress of coal phase-out: The case of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay RegionWang, P; Yang, M; Mamaril, K; Shi, X; Cheng, B; Zhao, D
2020-03-01Frequency-Reconfigurable Cloud Versus Fog Computing: An Energy-Efficiency AspectHou, S; Ni, W; Zhao, S; Cheng, B; Chen, S; Chen, J
2013-05-22A general compression approach to multi-channel three-dimensional audioCheng, B; Ritz, C; Burnett, I; Zheng, X
2019-01-01Interest rate risk in long-dated commodity options positions: To hedge or not to hedge?Cheng, B; Nikitopoulos, CS; Schlögl, E
2021-01-01Magnetic Sensor-Based Multi-Vehicle Data AssociationFeng, Y; Andrew Zhang, J; Cheng, B; He, X; Chen, J
2019-10-01MagSpeed: A Novel Method of Vehicle Speed Estimation Through A Single Magnetic SensorFeng, Y; Mao, G; Cheng, B; Huang, B; Wang, S; Chen, J
2023-07Pilot-scale two-phase anaerobic digestion of deoiled food waste and waste activated sludge: Effects of mixing ratios and functional analysis.Jiang, W; Tao, J; Luo, J; Xie, W; Zhou, X; Cheng, B; Guo, G; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Cai, H; Ye, Y; Chen, Y; Pozdnyakov, IP
2018-10-01Pricing of long-dated commodity derivatives: Do stochastic interest rates matter?Cheng, B; Nikitopoulos, CS; Schlögl, E
2020-07-01Real-Time Optimization of Dynamic Speed Scaling for Distributed Data CentersHou, S; Ni, W; Chen, S; Zhao, S; Cheng, B; Chen, J
2016-12-01Secure data-centric access control for smart grid services based on publish/subscribe systemsDuan, L; Liu, D; Zhang, Y; Chen, S; Liu, RP; Cheng, B; Chen, J