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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-21A Counterfactual Baseline for Assessing Future Environmental Impact: A Case Study of the Belt and Road InitiativeLi, JV; Cheong, TS; Shi, X
2020-07-01Convergence and distribution dynamics of energy consumption among China's householdsShi, X; Yu, J; Cheong, TS
2020-10-01Convergence of carbon emissions at the household level in China: A distribution dynamics approachZhang, H; Shi, X; Cheong, TS; Wang, K
2021COVID-19 and Global Supply Chain Configuration: Economic and Emissions Impacts of Australia-China Trade Disruptions.Shi, X; Cheong, TS; Zhou, M
2021-09-01Distribution dynamics of China's household consumption upgradingYu, J; Shi, X; Cheong, TS
2022-06-24Editorial: Application of Big Data, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Other Advanced Analytical Techniques in Environmental Economics and PolicyCheong, TS; Shi, X; Li, Y; Sun, Y
2021-01-01Evolution of future world coal consumption: Insights from a distribution dynamics approachShi, X; Cheong, TS; Li, VJ
2021Evolution of future world coal consumption: insights from a distribution dynamics approachShi, X; Li, VJ; Cheong, TS
2020-10Prioritizing driving factors of household carbon emissions: An application of the LASSO model with survey dataShi, X; Wang, K; Cheong, TS; Zhang, H
2021-09-01Quality of Life and Relative Household Energy Consumption in ChinaShi, X; Cheong, TS; Yu, J; Liu, X
2019-12-01Regional disparity and convergence of electricity consumption in China: A distribution dynamics approachCheong, TS; Li, VJ; Shi, X
2023-01-20Urbanisation, agriculture and convergence of carbon emissions nexus: Global distribution dynamics analysisWojewodzki, M; Wei, Y; Cheong, TS; Shi, X