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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10Acid-based lignocellulosic biomass biorefinery for bioenergy production: Advantages, application constraints, and perspectives.Hoang, AT; Nizetic, S; Ong, HC; Chong, CT; Atabani, AE; Pham, VV
2022-01Co-pyrolysis of microalgae and other biomass wastes for the production of high-quality bio-oil: Progress and prospective.Su, G; Ong, HC; Gan, YY; Chen, W-H; Chong, CT; Ok, YS
2019-09-13Experimental and numerical studies on the premixed syngas swirl flames in a model combustorSamiran, NA; Chong, CT; Ng, JH; Tran, MV; Ong, HC; Valera-Medina, A; Chong, WWF; Mohd Jaafar, MN
2021-07Impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the global energy system and the shift progress to renewable energy: Opportunities, challenges, and policy implications.Hoang, AT; Sandro Nižetić,; Olcer, AI; Ong, HC; Chen, W-H; Chong, CT; Thomas, S; Bandh, SA; Nguyen, XP
2020-09-15Microwave pyrolysis for valorisation of horse manure biowasteMong, GR; Chong, CT; Ng, JH; Chong, WWF; Lam, SS; Ong, HC; Ani, FN
2020-04-20Microwave-assisted wet torrefaction of microalgae under various acids for coproduction of biochar and sugarGan, YY; Ong, HC; Chen, WH; Sheen, HK; Chang, JS; Chong, CT; Ling, TC
2021-02-01Multivariate optimisation study and life cycle assessment of microwave-induced pyrolysis of horse manure for waste valorisation and managementMong, GR; Chong, CT; Ng, JH; Chong, WWF; Ong, HC; Tran, MV
2022-09-15Progress and challenges in sustainable pyrolysis technology: Reactors, feedstocks and productsMong, GR; Chong, CT; Chong, WWF; Ng, JH; Ong, HC; Ashokkumar, V; Tran, MV; Karmakar, S; Goh, BHH; Mohd Yasin, MF
2020-11-01Progress in utilisation of waste cooking oil for sustainable biodiesel and biojet fuel productionGoh, BHH; Chong, CT; Ge, Y; Ong, HC; Ng, JH; Tian, B; Ashokkumar, V; Lim, S; Seljak, T; Józsa, V
2021-12-01Progress on the lignocellulosic biomass pyrolysis for biofuel production toward environmental sustainabilityHoang, AT; Ong, HC; Fattah, IMR; Chong, CT; Cheng, CK; Sakthivel, R; Ok, YS
2022-01-01Recent advancements in catalytic conversion pathways for synthetic jet fuel produced from bioresourcesGoh, BHH; Chong, CT; Ong, HC; Seljak, T; Katrašnik, T; Józsa, V; Ng, JH; Tian, B; Karmarkar, S; Ashokkumar, V
2021-01-15Recent advances in biodiesel production from agricultural products and microalgae using ionic liquids: Opportunities and challengesOng, HC; Tiong, YW; Goh, BHH; Gan, YY; Mofijur, M; Fattah, IMR; Chong, CT; Alam, MA; Lee, HV; Silitonga, AS; Mahlia, TMI
2021-05-15Solid biofuel production from spent coffee ground wastes: Process optimisation, characterisation and kinetic studiesLee, XJ; Ong, HC; Gao, W; Ok, YS; Chen, WH; Goh, BHH; Chong, CT
2022-05-01Strategies for fuel property enhancement for second-generation multi-feedstock biodieselGoh, BHH; Chong, CT; Ong, HC; Milano, J; Shamsuddin, AH; Lee, XJ; Ng, JH
2019-12-01Two-step catalytic reactive extraction and transesterification process via ultrasonic irradiation for biodiesel production from solid Jatropha oil seedsTan, SX; Lim, S; Ong, HC; Pang, YL; Fitranto, K; Goh, BHH; Chong, CT
2020-02-01Ultrasonic assisted oil extraction and biodiesel synthesis of Spent Coffee GroundGoh, BHH; Ong, HC; Chong, CT; Chen, WH; Leong, KY; Tan, SX; Lee, XJ
2021-10-01Utilization of microalgae for bio-jet fuel production in the aviation sector: Challenges and perspectiveLim, JHK; Gan, YY; Ong, HC; Lau, BF; Chen, WH; Chong, CT; Ling, TC; Klemeš, JJ
2021-06-15Valorisation of medical waste through pyrolysis for a cleaner environment: Progress and challenges.Su, G; Ong, HC; Ibrahim, S; Fattah, IMR; Mofijur, M; Chong, CT
2022-04-01Valorization of animal manure via pyrolysis for bioenergy: A reviewSu, G; Ong, HC; Mohd Zulkifli, NW; Ibrahim, S; Chen, WH; Chong, CT; Ok, YS