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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08-23Anxiolytic Benefits of Exercise Classes for MothersCurrie, JL
2016-06-30Characteristics of a Good PE Lesson.Dobrijevic, A; Currie, JL
2012-01Characteristics of Health Promoting School Spaces.Currie, JL
2014-11-21Children’s Perspectives of Healthy LivingCurrie, JL; Perkowski, K
2008-01Conditions Affecting Perceived Coping for New Mothers: Analysis of a pilot study, Sydney, Australia.Currie, JL
2014-06-17Creating Stress-free Learning Environments for Sport and Physical EducationCurrie, JL; Sumich, K
2017An Effective Model of Support for Student Well-Being in the Primary School: Stakeholder Perspectives of Essential CharacteristicsMcFarland, I; Currie, JL
2012-01The Exercise Class Experience: An Opportunity to Promote Student Wellbeing During the HSCHagarty, D; Currie, JL
2016-12-30An Exploration Of Student Perspectives Of Primary Classroom Desk ConfigurationsCurrie, JL; Ly, J; Prof. Kesercioğlu, T
2013-01Managing student performance anxiety in Sport and Physical Education environments.Currie, JL; Sumich, K; Quay, DJ; Mooney, DA
2010-01Perceived Benefits of Exercise Class Participation for Female HSC StudentsCurrie, JL
2013-01Perceived Benefits of Women's Participation in Exercise Classes.Currie, JL
2013-01-01Pre-service primary teacher perceptions of healthCurrie, JL; Ljungdahl, L
2016-04-30Primary Teachers' Perceived Barriers to Delivering Effective Physical Education LessonsCurrie, JL; Dobrijevic, AMS
2018-06-08Radical Leisure: How Mothers Gain Well-Being and Control through Participation in Exercise ClassesCurrie, JL
2012-06-01Reflections on a dream: Towards an understanding of factors Olympic coaches attribute to their successCurrie, JL; Oates-Wilding, S
2014-01-01Reflections on a dream: Towards an understanding of factors Olympic coaches attribute to their success.Currie, JL; Oates-Wilding, S; Lee, S; Dixon, M; Ghaye, T
2014-01Teaching Health & Physical Education in Secondary School.Currie, JL
2016Towards a Philosophy of Teaching Physical Education in Primary SchoolCurrie, JL
2011-01Using Sporting Themes to Engage Male StudentsCurrie, JL