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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-3041250 Machine Learning to Identify Predictors of Iatrogenic Injury Using Empirical Bayes Estimates: A Cohort Study of Pressure Injury PreventionPadula, WV; Armstrong, DG; Davidson, PM
2020-11A 10-year evaluation of projects in a doctor of nursing practice programme.Turkson-Ocran, R-AN; Spaulding, EM; Renda, S; Pandian, V; Rittler, H; Davidson, PM; Nolan, MT; D'Aoust, R
2023-07-07A call for action: Need to expand the scope of women's health assessment.Koirala, B; Harvey, S; Bollinger, RC; Davidson, PM
2021-02-01A Call to Action to Address Disparities in Palliative Care Access: A Conceptual Framework for Individualizing Care Needs.Nelson, KE; Wright, R; Fisher, M; Koirala, B; Roberts, B; Sloan, DH; Wu, DS; Davidson, PM
2008-01A cardiac rehabilitation program to improve psychosocial outcomes of women with heart diseaseDavidson, PM; DiGiacomo, M; Zecchin, R; Clarke, M; Paul, G; Lamb, K; Hancock, K; Chang, E; Daly, J
2023-05A Culturally Grounded, Community-Engaged Approach to Understanding Palliative Care Needs in a Reservation-Based Community (TH115B)Nelson, KE; Adams, K; Davidson, PM; Meah, M; Petchler, C; Werk, A; Wright, R; Brockie, T
2022-01A Multi-Site Thailand Heart Failure Snapshot Study.Tankumpuan, T; Sindhu, S; Perrin, N; Commodore-Mensah, Y; Budhathoki, C; Padula, W; Himmelfarb, CD; Davidson, PM
2021-11-28A picture is worth a thousand words: exploring the roles of caregivers and the home environment of ventricular assist device patients.Abshire, MA; Bidwell, JT; Pavlovic, N; DeGroot, L; Mammos, D; Larsen, L; Bautista, S; Davidson, PM
2021-07-14A qualitative study exploring the career mindset of a group of early career academic nurses as they deployed 'Habits of Mind' to sustain their career journey.Wyllie, A; Levett-Jones, T; DiGiacomo, M; Davidson, PM
2021-05-10A qualitative study of experiences of asylum-seeker women of living in detention centres: confinement versus safety.Shishehgar, S; Gholizadeh, L; DiGiacomo, M; Davidson, PM
2021-05-10A qualitative study of fourteen African countries' nursing workforce and labour market.Bryant, A; Reynolds, NR; Hart, L; Johnson, PG; Kalula, A; Gokul, B; Davidson, PM
2020-10-05A Randomised Controlled Trial of Chewing Gum to Relieve Thirst in Chronic Heart Failure (RELIEVE-CHF).Allida, SM; Shehab, S; Inglis, SC; Davidson, PM; Hayward, CS; Newton, PJ
2021-02A randomized controlled trial of motivational interviewing as a tool to enhance secondary prevention strategies in cardiovascular disease (MICIS study).Everett, B; Salamonson, Y; Koirala, B; Zecchin, R; Davidson, PM
2021-07A review of inpatient nursing workload measures.Racy, S; Davidson, PM; Peeler, A; Hager, DN; Street, L; Koirala, B
2021-01-01A single educational intervention on heart failure self-care: Extended follow-up from a multisite randomized controlled trial.Deek, H; Noureddine, S; Allam, D; Newton, PJ; Davidson, PM
2022-08A Theoretically Derived Approach to Impact: Implementing Policy Influence Strategies.De Raeve, P; Bolzonella, F; Davidson, PM
-Accelerating advanced practice palliative care competencies: An educational research initiativeKoirala, B; Davidson, PM; D'Aoust, R; Silbert-Flagg, J; Slater, T; Ling, C; Busch, D; Rushton, CH; Razzak, R; Ferrell, B; Dennison Himmelfarb, C
2020-05Access and referral to palliative care for patients with chronic heart failure: A qualitative study of healthcare professionals.Singh, GK; Ramjan, L; Ferguson, C; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2009-01Action Research as a Mixed Methods Design: a Palliative Approach in Residential Aged CarePhillips, JL; Davidson, PM; Andrew, S; Halcomb, EJ
2011-02-01Action research studies in the intensive care setting: A systematic reviewSoh, KL; Davidson, PM; Leslie, G; Rahman, ABA