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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-16A framework for System Excellence assessment of production systems, based on lean thinking, business excellence, and factory physicsRoth, N; Deuse, J; Biedermann, H
2020-01-01Automatic generation of methods-time measurement analyses for assembly tasks from motion capture data using convolutional neuronal networks - A proof of conceptDeuse, J; Stankiewicz, L; Zwinkau, R; Weichert, F
2020-01-01Automatic particle classification through deep learning approaches for increasing productivity in the technical cleanliness laboratoryZwinkau, R; Frentrup, S; Möhle, R; Deuse, J
2019-01-01Continuous Process Monitoring Through Ensemble-Based Anomaly DetectionDeuse, J; Wiegand, M; Weisner, K
2019-01-01Development of a sociotechnical planning system for human-robot interaction in assembly systems focusing on small and medium-sized enterprisesWeßkamp, V; Seckelmann, T; Barthelmey, A; Kaiser, M; Lemmerz, K; Glogowski, P; Kuhlenkötter, B; Deuse, J
2019-10-01Dynamic digital twin for predictive maintenance in flexible production systemsBarthelmey, A; Lee, E; Hana, R; Deuse, J
2019-01-22Enabling of Predictive Maintenance in the Brownfield through Low-Cost Sensors, an IIoT-Architecture and Machine LearningStrauß, P; Schmitz, M; Wöstmann, R; Deuse, J
2019-02-01Evaluation model for the analysis of data maturityEickelmann, M; Wiegand, M; Deuse, J; Bernerstätter, R
2020-10-01Implementing industrial data scienceNolte, V; Sindram, T; Mazarov, J; Deuse, J
2019-01-01Increasing flexibility of employees in production processes using the differential learning approach – adaptation and validation of motor learning theoriesWeisner, K; Knittel, M; Jaitner, T; Deuse, J
2019-01-01Influence and causes of variability in customer order-specific productionWolf, P; Deuse, J; Richter, R
2019-03-18On the integration of manufacturing strategy: deconstructing Hoshin KanriThürer, M; Maschek, T; Fredendall, L; Gianiodis, P; Stevenson, M; Deuse, J
2020-01-01Optimizing Inspection Process Severity by Machine Learning Under Label UncertaintySchulte, L; Schmitt, J; Meierhofer, F; Deuse, J
2019-12Practical Framework for Advanced Quality-based Process Control in Interlinked Manufacturing ProcessesSchmitt, J; Hahn, F; Deuse, J
2020-08-01Predictive model-based quality inspection using Machine Learning and Edge Cloud ComputingSchmitt, J; Bönig, J; Borggräfe, T; Beitinger, G; Deuse, J
2019-01-09Similarity-search and Prediction Based Process Parameter Adaptation for Quality Improvement in Interlinked Manufacturing ProcessesSchmitt, J; Deuse, J
2019-01-01Simulation-supported evaluation of HRI-workplaces in the field of macro and micro ergonomicsSeckelmann, T; Barthelmey, A; Kaiser, M; Deuse, J
2019-01-01Socio-technical capability assessment to support implementation of cyber-physical production systems in line with people and organizationNoehring, F; Woestmann, R; Wienzek, T; Deuse, J
2020-01-01Systematic combination of Lean Management with digitalization to improve production systems on the example of Jidoka 4.0Deuse, J; Dombrowski, U; Nöhring, F; Mazarov, J; Dix, Y
2020-01-01The Power of Six: Relation Between Time and Money in Manufacturing for Segments of the Value StreamRoser, C; Langer, B; Deuse, J