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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-052-Entity Random Sample Consensus for Robust Visual Localization: Framework, Methods, and VerificationsJiao, Y; Wang, Y; Ding, X; Fu, B; Huang, S; Xiong, R
2021-02-013D LiDAR Map Compression for Efficient Localization on Resource Constrained VehiclesYin, H; Wang, Y; Tang, L; Ding, X; Huang, S; Xiong, R
2023-03-01A Dual-Polarized Shared-Aperture Antenna With Conical Radiation Patterns and High Gain for 5G Millimeter-Wave Ceiling CommunicationsFeng, B; Lai, J; Li, L; Sim, CYD; Deng, L; Ding, X
2021-06-01A Resource-Constrained and Privacy-Preserving Edge-Computing-Enabled Clinical Decision System: A Federated Reinforcement Learning ApproachXue, Z; Zhou, P; Xu, Z; Wang, X; Xie, Y; Ding, X; Wen, S
2023-07-05Antibiotic removal from swine farming wastewater by anaerobic membrane bioreactor: Role of hydraulic retention timeLiu, W; Song, X; Ding, X; Xia, R; Lin, X; Li, G; Nghiem, LD; Luo, W
2019-08-01Biological denitrification in an anoxic sequencing batch biofilm reactor: Performance evaluation, nitrous oxide emission and microbial communityDing, X; Wei, D; Guo, W; Wang, B; Meng, Z; Feng, R; Du, B; Wei, Q
2021-07-30Device-free Location-independent Human Activity Recognition via Few-shot LearningDing, X; Jiang, T; Zhong, Y; Yang, J; Huang, Y; Li, Z
2021-10-01Dynamic online convex optimization with long-term constraints via virtual queueDing, X; Chen, L; Zhou, P; Xu, Z; Wen, S; Lui, JCS; Jin, H
2020-01-01EEG-Based Emotion Classification Using Spiking Neural NetworksLuo, Y; Fu, Q; Xie, J; Qin, Y; Wu, G; Liu, J; Jiang, F; Cao, Y; Ding, X
2022Efficacy of local therapy to metastatic foci in nasopharyngeal carcinoma: large-cohort strictly-matched retrospective study.Zhang, M-X; Liu, T; You, R; Zou, X; Liu, Y-L; Ding, X; Duan, C-Y; Xu, H-S; Liu, Y-P; Jiang, R; Wang, Z-Q; Lin, C; Xie, Y-L; Chen, S-Y; Ouyang, Y-F; Xie, R-Q; Hua, Y-J; Sun, R; Huang, P-Y; Wang, S-L; Chen, M-Y
2018-01-01The epidemics of myopia: Aetiology and preventionMorgan, IG; French, AN; Ashby, RS; Guo, X; Ding, X; He, M; Rose, KA
2021-03-16Extracellular Vesicles from Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for the Treatment of Inflammation-Related ConditionsRyan, ST; Hosseini-Beheshti, E; Afrose, D; Ding, X; Xia, B; Grau, GE; Little, CB; McClements, L; Li, JJ
2020-01-01GEM: online globally consistent dense elevation mapping for unstructured terrainPan, Y; Xu, X; Ding, X; Huang, S; Wang, Y; Xiong, R
2022-10-14Gemcitabine combined with apatinib and toripalimab in recurrent or metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma.You, R; Zou, X; Ding, X; Zhang, W-J; Zhang, M-X; Wang, X; Xu, H-S; Liu, Y-L; Ouyang, Y-F; Duan, C-Y; Gu, C-M; Wang, Z-Q; Liu, Y-P; Hua, Y-J; Huang, PY; Chen, M-Y
2020Heterogeneous differential privacy for vertically partitioned databasesXia, Y; Zhu, T; Ding, X; Jin, H; Zou, D
2017-03-09High-throughput nuclear delivery and rapid expression of DNA via mechanical and electrical cell-membrane disruptionDing, X; Stewart, MP; Sharei, A; Weaver, JC; Langer, RS; Jensen, KF
2016-01-01The motives for and consequences of underpricing for construction contractors-evidence from AustraliaLiu, L; Bannerman, PL; Ding, X; Elliott, EJ; Ewart, G; Kong, X
2023-08-15Occurrence and fate of antibiotics in swine waste treatment: An industrial case.Liu, W; Wang, Y; Xia, R; Ding, X; Xu, Z; Li, G; Nghiem, LD; Luo, W
2020Persistent Stereo Visual Localization on Cross-Modal Invariant MapDing, X; Wang, Y; Xiong, R; Li, D; Tang, L; Yin, H; Zhao, L
2023-12-28RASNET: a reinforcement assistant network for frame selection in video-based posture recognitionHu, R; Wang, X; Chang, X; Hu, Y; Xin, X; Guo, B; Ding, X