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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Are the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test levels 1 and 2 both useful? Reliability, responsiveness and interchangeability in young soccer playersFanchini, M; Castagna, C; Coutts, AJ; Schena, F; McCall, A; Impellizzeri, FM
2018-04-03Despite association, the acute:chronic work load ratio does not predict non-contact injury in elite footballersFanchini, M; Rampinini, E; Riggio, M; Coutts, AJ; Pecci, C; McCall, A
2023-09Do non-contact injuries occur during high-speed running in elite football? Preliminary results from a novel GPS and video-based method.Aiello, F; Di Claudio, C; Fanchini, M; Impellizzeri, FM; McCall, A; Sharp, C; Brown, SJ
2015-01-01Effect of training-session intensity distribution on session rating of perceived exertion in soccer playersFanchini, M; Ghielmetti, R; Coutts, AJ; Schena, F; Impellizzeri, FM
2017-01-02Is a retrospective RPE appropriate in soccer? Response shift and recall biasFanchini, M; Ferraresi, I; Petruolo, A; Azzalin, A; Ghielmetti, R; Schena, F; Impellizzeri, FM
2021-01-01Mental health and well-being during COVID-19 lockdown: A survey case report of high-level male and female players of an Italian Serie A football clubIvarsson, A; McCall, A; Mutch, S; Giuliani, A; Bassetto, R; Fanchini, M
2021-01-05Morning Priming Exercise Strategy to Enhance Afternoon Performance in Young Elite Soccer Players.Donghi, F; Rampinini, E; Bosio, A; Fanchini, M; Carlomagno, D; Maffiuletti, NA
2017-05-01Prediction: The modern-day sport-science and sports-medicine "quest for the holy grail"McCall, A; Fanchini, M; Coutts, AJ
2009-12-01Repeated-sprint ability in professional and amateur soccer playersRampinini, E; Sassi, A; Morelli, A; Mazzoni, S; Fanchini, M; Coutts, AJ
2018-01-01Return to competition after an Achilles tendon rupture using both on and off the field load monitoring as guidance: A case report of a top-level soccer playerFanchini, M; Impellizzeri, FM; Silbernagel, KG; Combi, F; Benazzo, F; Bizzini, M
2016-04-01Use of CR100 scale for session-RPE in soccer and interchangeability with CR10Fanchini, M; Ferraresi, I; Modena, R; Schena, F; Coutts, AJ; Impellizzeri, FM
2020-12-17What Role Do Chronic Workloads Play in the Acute to Chronic Workload Ratio? Time to Dismiss ACWR and Its Underlying Theory.Impellizzeri, FM; Woodcock, S; Coutts, AJ; Fanchini, M; McCall, A; Vigotsky, AD