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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04-01A 65 nm CMOS LNA for Bolometer ApplicationHuang, TN; Boon, CC; Zhu, FX; Yi, X; He, X; Feng, G; Lim, WM; Liu, B
2021-10A survey on attack detection, estimation and control of industrial cyber-physical systems.Zhang, D; Wang, Q-G; Feng, G; Shi, Y; Vasilakos, AV
2015-06-01A CMOS W-Band 4x Quasi-Subharmonic MixerHuang, TN; Yi, X; Boon, CC; He, X; Feng, G; Lim, WM; Zhu, X
2022-02-15Fast identification of fluorescent components in three-dimensional excitation-emission matrix fluorescence spectra via deep learningXu, RZ; Cao, JS; Feng, G; Luo, JY; Feng, Q; Ni, BJ; Fang, F
2021-11-01Modeling molecular structure and behavior of microbial extracellular polymeric substances through interacting-particle reaction dynamicsXu, R-Z; Cao, J-S; Feng, G; Luo, J-Y; Wu, Y; Ni, B-J; Fang, F
2015-07-03nagnag: Identification and quantification of NAGNAG alternative splicing using RNA-Seq dataYan, X; Sablok, G; Feng, G; Ma, J; Zhao, H; Sun, X
2017-06-16Prettycloud: Visualizing weighted and grouped genomic context with mathematical curvesMiao, P; Sablok, G; Zhang, Q; Tao, M; Zhu, B; Feng, G; Sun, X
2017-12-01Productivity and efficiency at bank holding companies in the U.S.: a time-varying heterogeneity approachFeng, G; Peng, B; Zhang, X
2022-12-06Recent advances in nanotechnology approaches for non-viral gene therapy.Jiang, Y; Fan, M; Yang, Z; Liu, X; Xu, Z; Liu, S; Feng, G; Tang, S; Li, Z; Zhang, Y; Chen, S; Yang, C; Law, W-C; Dong, B; Xu, G; Yong, K-T
2016-11-06Semiparametric Single-Index Panel Data Models with Interactive Fixed Effects: Theory and PracticeFeng, G; Peng, B; Su, L; Yang, TT
2017-01-01A varying-coefficient panel data model with fixed effects: Theory and an application to US commercial banksFeng, G; Gao, J; Peng, B; Zhang, X