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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Australian War Memorial, Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of New South WalesEdwards, DC; Foley, CT; Holmes, K; Smith, K
2014-01Beyond Tourism Benefits: Building an International Profile, Future Convention Cities InitiativeFoley, CT; Edwards, DC; Schlenker, K; Hergesell, A
2011-01Beyond Tourism Benefits: Measuring the social legacies of business eventsEdwards, DC; Foley, CT; Schlenker, K
2014-01Bums on Seats: Attendance trends in culture and sportSchlenker, K; Foley, CT; Edwards, DC; Veal, AJ
2016-03-01Conferences: catalysts for thriving economiesEdwards, D; Foley, CT; Hergesell, A
2010-01Encore Festival and Event Evaluation Kit: Review and RedevelopmentSchlenker, K; Foley, CT; Getz, D
2014-01Estimating inscope expenditure attributed to business events held in New South Wales, Business Events SydneyFoley, CT; Edwards, DC; Schlenker, K; Hergesell, A
2018Feeding your performance program: evaluation one year onFoley, CT; Edwards, D; Harrison, B; Hergesell, A
2009-01Freedom to be: friendship and community at holiday parksFoley, CT; Hayllar, BR; Fleming, S; Andrews, H; Hackett, P; Meadows, M; Selby, M
2011-01Gender and cultural diversity in Australian sportFoley, CT; Taylor, TL; Maxwell, H; Long, J; Spracklen, K
2016-02-29The Parkes Elvis Festival: Attendee and host community perspectivesSchlenker, K; Foley, CT; Carroll-Dwyer, E; Newbold, C; Jordan, J
2010-01A Scoping Study of Business Events: Beyond Tourism BenefitsFoley, CT; Schlenker, K; Edwards, DC; Hayllar, BR
2011-01Social inclusion of muslim women in Australian community sportMaxwell, H; Taylor, TL; Foley, CT; Long, J; Fitzergerald, H; Millward, P
2005-01Subversive possibilities: An exploration of women's leisure resistance using historical case studiesFoley, CT
2007-01A tale of two caravan parks: friendship, community and the freedom thingFoley, CT; Hayllar, BR
2007-01Tourism and community: reflections on caravan holiday experiencesFoley, CT; Hayllar, BR; McDonnell, I; Grabowski, S; March, R
2005-01Women's leisure? What leisure?: Has it always been like this?Foley, CT