Social inclusion of muslim women in Australian community sport

Leisure Studies Association
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Delivering Equality in Sport and Leisure, 2011, 1, pp. 15 - 33
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The social and community building potential of sport has been highlighted by social policy makers and academics both in Australia and overseas (Australian Sports Commission, 2006; Coalter, 2007; Collins and Kay. 2003; Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, 2007; Jarvie, 2003; Nicholson and Hoye, 2008; Rojek, 2005). There is a "presumption that sport can help to address the multifaceted aspects of social exclusion (e.g. reduce crime, increase employability, improve health) and contribute to community development and social cohesion" (Coalter. 2007: p. 19). In ethno culturally diverse societies such as Australia, with a vast array of ancestral identities. languages, and religions, sport has been strategically deployed to overcome the challenges of social exclusion and marginalisation among minority ethnic groups.
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