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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-13A Monte Carlo model of the Dingo thermal neutron imaging beamline.Jakubowski, K; Chacon, A; Tran, LT; Stopic, A; Garbe, U; Bevitt, J; Olsen, S; Franklin, DR; Rosenfeld, A; Guatelli, S; Safavi-Naeini, M
2021-02A Monte Carlo simulation study of scatter fraction and the impact of patient BMI on scatter in long axial field-of-view PET scannersGhabrial, A; Franklin, DR; Zaidi, H
2020A validated Geant4 model of a whole-body PET scanner with four-layer DOI detectorsAhmed, AM; Chacon, A; Rutherford, H; Akamatsu, G; Mohammadi, A; Nishikido, F; Tashima, H; Yoshida, E; Yamaya, T; Franklin, DR; Rosenfeld, AB; Guatelli, S; Safavi-Naeini, M
2022-09-23An inception network for positron emission tomography based dose estimation in carbon ion therapy.Rutherford, H; Saha Turai, R; Chacon, A; Franklin, DR; Mohammadi, A; Tashima, H; Yamaya, T; Parodi, K; Rosenfeld, AB; Guatelli, S; Safavi-Naeini, M
2016-06-01Analytical Modelling and Simulation of Single and Double Cone Pinholes for Real-Time In-Body Tracking of an HDR Brachytherapy SourceAlnaghy, S; Safavi-Naeini, M; Franklin, DR; Han, Z; Cutajar, DL; Petasecca, M; Lerch, M; Rosenfeld, AB
2022Automatic scan range for dose-reduced multiphase CT imaging of the liver utilizing CNNs and Gaussian models.Luu, HM; Walsum, TV; Mai, HS; Franklin, DR; Nguyen, TTT; Le, TM; Moelker, A; Le, VK; Vu, DL; Le, NH; Long, TQ; Duc, TC; Trung, NL
2015-12-01BrachyView, a novel in-body imaging system for HDR prostate brachytherapy: Experimental evaluationSafavi-Naeini, M; Han, Z; Alnaghy, S; Cutajar, D; Petasecca, M; Lerch, MLF; Franklin, DR; Bucci, J; Carrara, M; Zaider, M; Rosenfeld, AB
2013-01-01BrachyView, A novel inbody imaging system for HDR prostate brachytherapy: Design and Monte Carlo feasibility studySafavi-Naeini, M; Han, Z; Cutajar, D; Guatelli, S; Petasecca, M; Lerch, MLF; Franklin, DR; Jakubek, J; Pospisil, S; Bucci, J; Zaider, M; Rosenfeld, AB
2013-01-01Brachyview: An in-body imaging system for real-time QA in HDR prostate brachytherapyHan, Z; Safavi-Naeini, M; Petasecca, M; Cutajar, D; Lerch, M; Franklin, DR; Jakubek, J; Zemlicka, J; Pospisil, S; Bucci, JA; Zaider, M; Rosenfeld, AB
2006-01Capacity of Single-Radio Ad-hoc Networks for Handling High Bit Rate Real-time Internet ApplicationsAbolhasan, M; Wysocki, T; Franklin, DR; Lipman, J; NA
2009-11-19Characterising the behaviour of IEEE 802.11 broadcast transmissions in ad hoc wireless LANsWang, JCP; Abolhasan, M; Franklin, DR; Safaei, F
2008-12-01Characterising the interactions between unicast and broadcast in IEEE 802.11 ad hoc networksWang, JCP; Franklin, DR; Abolhasan, M; Safaei, F
2019-08-06Comparative study of alternative Geant4 hadronic ion inelastic physics models for prediction of positron-emitting radionuclide production in carbon and oxygen ion therapyChacon, A; Guatelli, S; Rutherford, H; Bolst, D; Mohammadi, A; Ahmed, A; Nitta, M; Nishikido, F; Iwao, Y; Tashima, H; Yoshida, E; Akamatsu, G; Takyu, S; Kitagawa, A; Hofmann, T; Pinto, M; Franklin, DR; Parodi, K; Yamaya, T; Rosenfeld, A; Safavi-Naeini, M
2018-01-25Cooperative recovery of coverage holes in WSNs via disjoint spanning treesRafiei, A; Abolhasan, M; Franklin, DR; Safaei, F; Smith, S; Ni, W
2013-01-01Design and development of PETiPIX: An ultra high spatial resolution small animal PET scannerLi, K; Safavi-Naeini, M; Franklin, DR; Petasecca, M; Guatelli, S; Rosenfeld, AB; Hutton, BF; Lerch, MLF
2022-12Detection and discrimination of neutron capture events for NCEPT dose quantificationChacon, A; Kielly, M; Rutherford, H; Franklin, DR; Caracciolo, A; Buonanno, L; D’Adda, I; Rosenfeld, A; Guatelli, S; Carminati, M; Fiorini, C; Safavi-Naeini, M
2008-12-01Development and performance evaluation of a flexible, low cost MANETAbolhasan, M; Hagelstein, B; Wang, JCP; Franklin, DR; Safaei, F; Wysocki, T
2012-10-04Distributed area of interest management for large-scale immersive video conferencingPourashraf, P; Safaei, F; Franklin, DR
-Dose quantification in carbon ion therapy using in-beam positron emission tomographyRutherford, H; Chacon, A; Mohammadi, A; Takyu, S; Tashima, H; Yoshida, E; Nishikido, F; Hofmann, T; Pinto, M; Franklin, DR; Yamaya, T; Parodi, K; Rosenfeld, AB; Guatelli, S; Safavi-Naeini, M
2017-12-15Effect of the number of participating nodes on recovery of WSN coverage holesRafiei, A; Abolhasan, M; Franklin, DR; Safaei, F; Smith, S; Ni, W