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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01-01Colour mixing LEDs with short microsphere doped acrylic rodsDeller, C; Smith, G; Franklin, J
2013-01End-use demand forecasting: Contemporary insightsMukheibir, P; Giurco, D; Turner, AJ; Franklin, J; Teng, ML; McClymont, T
2005-01Extraction of trapped light from luminescent solar concentrationEarp, AA; Franklin, J; Smith, G; Colla, M
2006-03-20Hotspots in cylindrical mirror light pipes: Description and removalSwift, PD; Smith, GB; Franklin, J; Edmonds, IR; Carter, DJ
2002-01The integration of forward light transport and lateral illumination of polymer optical fibreDeller, CA; Smith, G; Franklin, J; Joseph, EK; Neilson, D
2014-02-01Lateral light transfer ensures efficient resource distribution in symbiont-bearing coralsWangpraseurt, D; Larkum, AWD; Franklin, J; Szabo, M; Ralph, PJ; Kuhl, M
2004-06-01Maximising the light output of a Luminescent Solar ConcentratorEarp, AA; Smith, GB; Swift, PD; Franklin, J
2013-01Modelling bounce-back in water consumption post-droughtGiurco, D; Mohr, SH; Fyfe, J; Rickwood, P; Teng, ML; Franklin, J
2006-05-25Monte Carlo ray-tracing in particle-doped light guidesDeller, CA; Franklin, J; Smith, GB
2001-12-01Novel high performance scattering materials for use in energy saving light fittings and skylights based on polymer pigmented with polymerSmith, GB; Earp, A; Franklin, J; McCredie, G
2004-10-01Optimisation of a three-colour luminescent solar concentrator daylighting systemEarp, AA; Smith, GB; Franklin, J; Swift, P
2005-01Optimising the length of doped polymer light mixersDeller, CA; Franklin, J; Colla, M
2010-01Port Curtis Benthic Primary Producer Habitat Assessment and Health Studies Update: Interim Report December 2010Chartrand, KM; McKenna, SA; Petrou, K; Jimenez Denness, IM; Franklin, J; Sankey, TL; Hedge, SA; Rasheed, M; Ralph, PJ
1994-01-01Radiative transfer in shrub savanna sites in Niger: preliminary results from HAPEX-Sahel. 1. Modelling surface reflectance using a geometric-optical approachFranklin, J; Duncan, J; Huete, AR; van Leeuwen, WJD; Li, X; Bégué, A
1994-01-01Radiative transfer in shrub savanna sites in Niger: preliminary results from HAPEX-Sahel. 3. Optical dynamics and vegetation index sensitivity to biomass and plant covervan Leeuwen, WJD; Huete, AR; Duncan, J; Franklin, J
2007-10-11Simplified BRDF of a non-Lambertian diffuse surfaceEarp, A; Smith, G; Franklin, J
2003-01-01Spectral and global diffuse properties of high-performance translucent polymer sheets for energy efficient lighting and skylightsSmith, GB; Jonsson, JC; Franklin, J
2021-06-29The Relationship Between Habitual Physical Activity, Sitting Time, and Cognitive Function in Young Adult Women.Peng Cox, E; Cook, R; O'Dwyer, N; Donges, C; Parker, H; Lun Cheng, H; Steinbeck, K; Franklin, J; O'Connor, H