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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04-04417 Limited fluid and restricted toileting are associated with reduced work productivity in women at work.Pierce, H; Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Chiarelli, P
2011-05-01Anxiety in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventionsTrotter, R; Gallagher, R; Donoghue, J
2009-11-01Anxiety, depression and perceived control in patients having coronary artery bypass graftsGallagher, R; McKinley, S
2014-01-01Asthma management self-efficacy in parents of primary school-age childrenBrown, N; Gallagher, R; Fowler, C; Wales, S
2018-01-01Atrial Fibrillation Screen, Management and Guideline Recommended Therapy (AF SMART II) in the rural primary care setting: An implementation study protocolOrchard, JJ; Neubeck, L; Freedman, B; Webster, R; Patel, A; Gallagher, R; Li, J; Hespe, CM; Ferguson, C; Zwar, N; Lowres, N
2021-01-07AusTraits – a curated plant trait database for the Australian floraFalster, D; Gallagher, R; Wenk, E; Wright, I; Indiarto, D; Baxter, C; Andrew, SC; Lawson, J; Allen, S; Fuchs, A; Adams, MA; Laugier-Kitchener, B-A; Lehmann, CER; Leigh, A; Leishman, MR; Lenz, T; Lepschi, B; Lewis, JD; Lim, F; Liu, U; Lord, J; Ahrens, CW; Lusk, CH; Macinnis-Ng, C; McPherson, H; Manea, A; Mayfield, M; McCarthy, JK; Meers, T; van der Merwe, M; Metcalfe, D; Milberg, P; Alfonzetti, M; Mokany, K; Moles, AT; Moore, BD; Moore, N; Morgan, JW; Morris, W; Muir, A; Munroe, S; Nicholson, Á; Nicolle, D; Angevin, T; Nicotra, AB; Niinemets, Ü; North, T; O’Reilly-Nugent, A; O’Sullivan, OS; Oberle, B; Onoda, Y; Ooi, MKJ; Osborne, CP; Paczkowska, G; Atkin, OK; Pekin, B; Pereira, CG; Pickering, C; Pickup, M; Pollock, LJ; Poot, P; Powell, JR; Power, SA; Prentice, IC; Prior, L; Auld, T; Prober, SM; Read, J; Reynolds, V; Richards, AE; Richardson, B; Roderick, ML; Rosell, JA; Rossetto, M; Rye, B; Rymer, PD; Baker, A; Sams, MA; Sanson, G; Schmidt, S; Schulze, E-D; Sendall, K; Sinclair, S; Smith, B; Smith, R; Soper, F; Sparrow, B; Bean, A; Standish, R; Staples, TL; Taseski, G; Thomas, F; Tissue, DT; Tjoelker, MG; Tng, DYP; Tomlinson, K; Turner, NC; Veneklaas, E; Blackman, CJ; Venn, S; Vesk, P; Vlasveld, C; Vorontsova, MS; Warren, C; Weerasinghe, LK; Westoby, M; White, M; Williams, N; Wills, J; Bloomfield, K; Wilson, PG; Yates, C; Zanne, AE; Ziemińska, K; Bowman, D; Bragg, J; Brodribb, TJ; Buckton, G; Burrows, G; Caldwell, E; Camac, J; Carpenter, R; Catford, JA; Cawthray, GR; Cernusak, LA; Chandler, G; Chapman, AR; Cheal, D; Cheesman, AW; Chen, S-C; Choat, B; Clinton, B; Clode, P; Coleman, H; Cornwell, WK; Cosgrove, M; Crisp, M; Cross, E; Crous, KY; Cunningham, S; Curtis, E; Daws, MI; DeGabriel, JL; Denton, MD; Dong, N; Duan, H; Duncan, DH; Duncan, RP; Duretto, M; Dwyer, JM; Edwards, C; Esperon-Rodriguez, M; Evans, JR; Everingham, SE; Firn, J; Fonseca, CR; French, BJ; Frood, D; Funk, JL; Geange, SR; Ghannoum, O; Gleason, SM; Gosper, CR; Gray, E; Groom, PK; Gross, C; Guerin, G; Guja, L; Hahs, AK; Harrison, MT; Hayes, PE; Henery, M; Hochuli, D; Howell, J; Huang, G; Hughes, L; Huisman, J; Ilic, J; Jagdish, A; Jin, D; Jordan, G; Jurado, E; Kasel, S; Kellermann, J; Kohout, M; Kooyman, RM; Kotowska, MM; Lai, HR; Laliberté, E; Lambers, H; Lamont, BB; Lanfear, R; van Langevelde, F; Laughlin, DC
2017-05-01Barriers and facilitators to healthy eating for nurses in the workplace: an integrative reviewNicholls, R; Perry, L; Duffield, C; Gallagher, R; Pierce, H
2017-11-01Building expert agreement on the importance and feasibility of workplace health promotion interventions for nurses and midwives: A modified Delphi consultationPerry, L; Nicholls, R; Duffield, C; Gallagher, R
2017-09-01Cardiac patients’ experiences and perceptions of social media: mixed-methods studyPartridge, SR; Grunseit, AC; Gallagher, P; Freeman, B; O'Hara, BJ; Neubeck, L; Due, S; Paull, G; Ding, D; Bauman, A; Phongsavan, P; Roach, K; Sadler, L; Glinatsis, H; Gallagher, R
2017-01-01Cardiac rehabilitation: Unraveling the complexity of referral and current models of deliveryAstley, CM; Neubeck, L; Gallagher, R; Berry, N; Du, H; Hill, MN; Clark, RA
2008-03-01Chest symptoms following coronary stenting in the first 10 weeks of recoveryGallagher, R; Lynch, F; Paul, G; Petkovski, D; Kandl, B; Lang, S; Thomas, N; Fildes, J; James, B; Love, F
2014-01-01Clinical utility of an observation and response chart with human factors design characteristics and a track and trigger system: Study protocol for a two-phase multisite multiple-methods designElliott, D; McKinley, S; Perry, L; Duffield, C; Iedema, R; Gallagher, R; Fry, M; Roche, M; Allen, E
2013-12-01Collaboration: A solution to the challenge of conducting nursing research in cardiac rehabilitationGallagher, R; Sadler, L; Kirkness, A; Belshaw, J; Roach, K; Warrington, D
2020-09CSANZ COVID-19 Cardiovascular Nursing Care Consensus Statement: Executive Summary.Inglis, SC; Naismith, C; White, K; Hendriks, JM; Bray, J; Hickman, LD; Aldridge, C; Bardsley, K; Cameron, J; Candelaria, D; Cartledge, S; Du, H; Ferguson, C; Martin, L; Selkow, T; Xu, X; Wynne, R; Driscoll, A; Gallagher, R; Clark, R; Davidson, PM
2019-06-01Culture, teams, and organizations: A qualitative exploration of female nurses’ and midwives’ experiences of urinary symptoms at workPierce, H; Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Chiarelli, P
2019-11-01Delaying voiding, limiting fluids, urinary symptoms, and work productivity: A survey of female nurses and midwivesPierce, HM; Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Chiarelli, P
2017-02-01Detecting and Managing Cognitive Impairment to Improve Engagement in Heart Failure Self-CareCameron, J; Gallagher, R; Pressler, SJ
2016-11-01Diabetes Educators' Intended and Reported Use of Common Diabetes-Related Technologies: Discrepancies and DissonanceJames, S; Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Lowe, J
2016-01-01Diabetes educators: Perceived experiences, supports and barriers to use of common diabetes-related technologiesJames, S; Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Lowe, J
2016-11-01Does nurses’ health affect their intention to remain in their current position?Perry, L; Gallagher, R; Duffield, C; Sibbritt, D; Bichel-Findlay, J; Nicholls, R