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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02-01Academic identity reconstruction: the transition of engineering academics to engineering education researchersGardner, A; Willey, K
2014-01-01Authors' perceptions of peer review of conference papers and how they characterise a 'good' oneGardner, A; Willey, K
2019-01-02Barriers to career advancement for female engineers in Australia’s civil construction industry and recommended solutionsBryce, T; Far, H; Gardner, A
2010-01Best practice or business as usual? Whose interests are served by the engineering science paradigm?Goldsmith, R; Reidsema, C; Campbell, D; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2011-01-01Building a community of practice to improve inter marker standardisation and consistencyWilley, K; Gardner, A
2011-01-01Change learning culture with collaborationWilley, K; Gardner, A
2018-09-01Changes in knowledge and attitudes of hospital environmental services staff: The Researching Effective Approaches to Cleaning in Hospitals (REACH) studyMitchell, BG; White, N; Farrington, A; Allen, M; Page, K; Gardner, A; Halton, K; Riley, TV; Gericke, CA; Paterson, DL; Graves, N; Hall, L
2009-12-01Changing student's perceptions of self and peer assessmentWilley, K; Gardner, A
2012-12-01Collaborative learning frameworks to promote a positive learning cultureWilley, K; Gardner, A
2010-01Collaborative Peer Learning to Change Learning Culture and Develop the Skills for Lifelong Professional PracticeWilley, K; Gardner, AP; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2014-01-01Combining flipped instruction and multiple perspectives to develop cognitive and affective processesWilley, K; Gardner, A
2020Cost-effectiveness of an environmental cleaning bundle for reducing healthcare associated infectionsWhite, NM; Barnett, AG; Hall, L; Mitchell, BG; Farrington, A; Halton, K; Paterson, DL; Riley, TV; Gardner, A; Page, K; Gericke, CA; Graves, N
2021-12-05Creativity in Mechanical Design: Establishing Student Perceptions of Creative Designs and Impediments to Creative SolutionsBriozzo, P; Fiford, R; Willey, K; Gardner, A; Lowe, D
2022Creativity in Mechanical Design: Using the Peer Lens to Identify Creativity Traits in StudentsBriozzo, P; Lowe, D; Gardner, A; Fiford, R; Willey, K
2010-01Critical Conversations: How Collaborative Learning Activities Can Prepare Students for Structural Engineering PracticeGardner, AP; Willey, K; Gardner, A; Jolly, L
2009-11-06Developing team skills with self- and peer assessment: Are benefits inversely related to team function?Willey, K; Gardner, A
2010-08-06Development and validation of a novel approach to work sampling: A study of nurse practitioner work patternsGardner, G; Gardner, A; Middleton, S; Gibb, M; Della, P; Duffield, C
2010-12-01Does pre-feedback self reflection improve student engagement, learning outcomes and tutor facilitation of group feedback sessions?Gardner, A; Willey, K
2020-02-18Effectiveness of a structured, framework-based approach to implementation: the Researching Effective Approaches to Cleaning in Hospitals (REACH) Trial.Hall, L; White, NM; Allen, M; Farrington, A; Mitchell, BG; Page, K; Halton, K; Riley, TV; Gericke, CA; Graves, N; Gardner, A
2008-01-01Encapsulating sustainability principles for structural design of buildingsMcCarthy, TJ; Sheikh, MN; Gardner, A