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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2010The 1/d Law of GivingGoeree, JK; McConnell, MA; Mitchell, T; Tromp, T; Yariv, L
1-Dec-2008Chapter 22 Predatory Pricing: Rare Like a Unicorn?Gomez, R; Goeree, JK; Holt, CA
1-Dec-2008Chapter 61 Logit Equilibrium Models of Anomalous Behavior: What to do when the Nash Equilibrium Says One Thing and the Data Say Something ElseAnderson, SP; Goeree, JK; Holt, CA
1-Jan-2014Communication & competitionGoeree, JK; Zhang, J
18-Feb-2013Demand reduction and preemptive bidding in multi-unit license auctionsGoeree, JK; Offerman, T; Sloof, R
1-Jan-2010An experimental study of auctions versus grandfathering to assign pollution permitsGoeree, JK; Palmer, K; Holt, CA; Shobe, W; Burtraw, D
1-May-2011An experimental study of collective deliberationGoeree, JK; Yariv, L
1-Feb-2010An Experimental Test of Flexible Combinatorial Spectrum Auction FormatsBrunner, C; Goeree, JK; Holt, CA; Ledyard, JO
1-Sep-2010Hierarchical package bidding: A paper & pencil combinatorial auctionGoeree, JK; Holt, CA
1-Nov-2009In search of stars: Network formation among heterogeneous agentsGoeree, JK; Riedl, A; Ule, A
1-May-2008Information aggregation in standing and Ad Hoc committeesAli, SN; Goeree, JK; Kartik, N; Palfrey, TR
1-Jun-2018Noisy Introspection in the 11–20 GameGoeree, JK; Louis, P; Zhang, J
1-Jan-2013On the equivalence of Bayesian and dominant strategy implementationGershkov, A; Goeree, JK; Kushnir, A; Moldovanu, B; Shi, X
1-Jan-2017One man, one bidGoeree, JK; Zhang, J
1-Jan-2009Optimal privatisation using qualifying auctionsBoone, J; Goeree, JK
1-Nov-2009Risky procurement with an insider bidderBoone, J; Chen, R; Goeree, JK; Polydoro, A
1-Apr-2011Stationary concepts for experimental 2 × 2 games: CommentBrunner, C; Camerer, CF; Goeree, JK