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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Collective Learning in an Industry-Education-Research Test BedGolja, T; McClean, S; Jordan, K
Jan-2013Developing (architectural) design knowledge: A learner-researcher studyGolja, T; Schaverien, L; Beate Reitan, J; Lloyd, P; Bohemia, E; Merete Nielsen, L; Digranes, I; Lutnaes, E
1-Dec-2013Developing (architectural) design knowledge: A learner-researcher studyGolja, T; Schaverien, L
Jan-2008Developing a Complex Knowledge System for Architectural Design EducationGolja, T; Schaverien, LR
Jan-2003Generating professional knowledge based on e-learning research and developmentGolja, T; Crisp, G; Thiele, D; Scholten, I; Barker, S; Baron, J
Jan-2005Theorising professional development in the academy: a conversational approachGolja, T; Schaverien, LR; Jeffrey, P
Jan-2006Towards a mapping of the field of e-learningAlexander, SA; Harper, C; Anderson, TK; Golja, T; Lowe, DB; McLaughlan, RG; Schaverien, LR; Thompson, DG; Kommers, P; Richards, G
Jan-2007Towards Understanding Design Expertise as a Developmental Dynamic: A Learner's PerspectiveGolja, T; Schaverien, LR
Jan-2007Towards understanding the utility of designing for Education: A research approachGolja, T; Schaverien, LR; Zehner, R; Reidsema, CE
13-Feb-2019Transdisciplinary learning: Transformative collaborations between students, industry, academia and communities.Buck, A; Clifton-Cunningham, A; Golja, T; Kutay, C; Melvold, J; Regmi, A; Vincent, N; Walsh, SP; Yap, E-H; Co-Creating Collective
1-Apr-2007Using students' experiences to derive quality in an e-learning system: An institution's perspectiveAlexander, S; Golja, T
Jan-2007What might client feedback on diverse designs, generated from a studio-based project brief, tell a learner about designing?Golja, T; Schaverien, LR; Zehner, R; Reidsema, CE