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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Life-Cycle Framework to Manage Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange in Open OrganisationsGuertler, M; Adams, N; Caldwell, G; Donovan, J; Hopf, A; Roberts, J
2021-09-30Additive manufacturing opportunities for Australia’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectorsClemon, L; Guertler, M; Tomidei, L; Edwards, R
2023-11-23Analyzing Industry 4.0 Adoption Barriers of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Existing SupportXu, B; Guertler, M; Sick, N
2022-12-08BEYOND TECHNOLOGY – THE COGNITIVE AND ORGANISATIONAL IMPACTS OF COBOTSGuertler, M; Tomidei, L; Sick, N; Paul, G; Carmichael, M; Hussain, S; Frijat, L; Wambsganss, A; Hernandez Moreno, V
2022-07-01Can product modularization approaches help address challenges in technical project portfolio management?–Laying the foundations for a methodology transferLammers, T; Guertler, M; Skirde, H
2022-08-07Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM): Analysing and Mapping Research Trends and Industry NeedsGuertler, M; Clemon, LM; Bennett, N; Deuse, J
2019-07-26Developing Design Methods - A Conceptual Requirement FrameworkBecerril, L; Guertler, M; Emmanuel, L
2022-09-25Digitization of the work environment for sustainable production How could Digital Technologies enable a neutral Product Carbon Footprint?Deuse, J; Sick, N; Bennett, N; Guertler, M; Hoffmann, F; Lammers, T; Hernandez Moreno, V
2019-04-29A Discipline-Spanning Overview of Action Research and Its Implications for Technology and Innovation ManagementGuertler, M; Sick, N; Kriz, A
2022-11-29Empowering People in Human-Robot Collaboration: Bringing Together and Synthesising PerspectivesJohansen, S; Senaratne, H; Burden, A; Howard, D; Caldwell, GA; Donovan, J; Duenser, A; Guertler, M; McGrath, M; Paris, C; Rittenbruch, M; Roberts, J
2022-12-09Guidelines for Safe Collaborative Robot Design and ImplementationPaul, G; Tomidei, L; Sick, N; Guertler, M; Carmichael, M; Wambsganss, A
-Internet-of-Things-Enabled Smart Bed Rail for Application in Hospital BedsOuld, S; Guertler, M; Hanna, P; Bennett, NS
2023-04-27It’s Coming Home Down Under–The Potential of Digital Work to Overcome Australia’s Challenges in Reshoring ManufacturingLammers, T; Sick, N; Guertler, M; Deuse, J; Shajek, A; Hartmann, EA
2019-04-25Modulares Projektportfoliomanagement – Eine Vision zur Beherrschung komplexer ProjektlandschaftenLammers, T; Skirde, H; Guertler, M; Schroeder, M; Wegner, K
2020-02-21The next wave (3D printing at UTS)Pearce, C; Guertler, M; Harvard, H
2020-06-11RECAP – A Framework to Support Structured Reflection in Engineering ProjectsInkermann, D; Guertler, M; Seegruen, A
2018Tackling Wicked Problems with WickSprint: Approach, Applications, and Research AgendaSick, N; Guertler, M; Kriz, A; Huizingh, E
2018Towards A Method To Tackle Wicked Problems In Innovation ManagementHuizingh, E; Sick, N; Guertler, M; Kriz, A
2022-12-02Towards human–robot collaboration in construction: current cobot trends and forecastsBurden, A; Caldwell, GA; Guertler, M
2023-07WHEN IS A ROBOT A COBOT? MOVING BEYOND MANUFACTURING AND ARM-BASED COBOT MANIPULATORSGuertler, M; Tomidei, L; Sick, N; Carmichael, M; Paul, G; Wambsganss, A; Hernandez Moreno, V; Hussain, S