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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-29A Flexible 3D Force Sensor with In-Situ Tunable SensitivityDavies, J; Thai, MT; Hoang, TT; Nguyen, CC; Phan, PT; Zhu, K; Nhi Tran, DB; Ho, VA; La, HM; Ha, QP; Lovell, NH; Do, TN
2015-12-23Active control of an offshore container craneNguyen, NP; Ngo, QH; Ha, QP
2001-01Active structural control using dymanic output feedback sliding modeHa, QP; Li, J; Hong, G; Samali, B; Publisher
2013-01-01Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control for uncertain nonlinear underactuated mechanical systemsRaja Ismail, RMT; That, ND; Ha, QP
2010-12-01Adaptive neural network metamodel for short-term prediction of background ozone levelWahid, H; Ha, QP; Nguyen-Duc, H
2017-01-01Adaptive second-order sliding mode control of UAVs for civil applicationsHoang, VT; Singh, AM; Phung, MD; Ha, QP
2006-12-01Adaptive sliding mode control for civil structures using magnetorheological dampersNguyen, TH; Kwok, NM; Ha, QP; Li, J; Samali, B
2018-02-07Adaptive twisting sliding mode control for quadrotor unmanned aerial vehiclesHoang, VT; Phung, MD; Ha, QP
2014-01-01Air pollution prediction using Matérn function based extended fractional Kalman filteringMetia, S; Oduro, SD; Ha, QP; Due, H
2018-12-27Angle-Encoded Swarm Optimization for UAV Formation Path PlanningHoang, VT; Phung, MD; Dinh, TH; Ha, QP
2011-05-13Anytime ant system for manipulator path planningWang, D; Kwok, NM; Fang, G; Ha, QP
2013-01-01APRC-based decentralised model predictive control for parallel splitting systems with a matrix annihilationTran, T; That, ND; Ha, QP
2019-05-01Automated robotic monitoring and inspection of steel structures and bridgesLa, HM; Dinh, TH; Pham, NH; Ha, QP; Pham, AQ
2017-01-01Automatic crack detection in built infrastructure using unmanned aerial vehiclesPhung, MD; Dinh, TH; Hoang, VT; Ha, QP
2017-01-31Automatic interpretation of unordered point cloud data for UAV navigation in constructionPhung, MD; Quach, CH; Chu, DT; Nguyen, NQ; Dinh, TH; Ha, QP
2013-08-01Background ozone level in the Sydney basin: Assessment and trend analysisDuc, H; Azzi, M; Wahid, H; Ha, QP
2005-01Bearing-only SLAM using a SPRT Based Gaussian Sum FilterKwok, N; Dissanayake, G; Ha, QP; Board, E; Robotics, IEEEICO; Automation
2007-01-01Bouc-Wen model parameter identification for a MR fluid damper using computationally efficient GAKwok, NM; Ha, QP; Nguyen, MT; Li, J; Samali, B
2007-01Capacitive Object Ranging and Material Type Classifying SensorKirchner, NG; Liu, D; Taha, T; Paul, G; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM