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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020004 Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance for Rejection Surveillance After Cardiac TransplantationAnthony, C; Imran, M; Pouliopoulos, J; Emmanuel, S; Iliff, J; Ross, J; Moffat, K; Mccrohon, J; Holloway, C; Kotlyar, E; Muthiah, K; Keogh, A; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P; Jabbour, A
2020063 A Case of Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension in a Heart Transplant Patient, Successfully Treated With Pulmonary EndarterectomyWiltshire, S; Kearney, K; Hayward, C; Dhital, K; Kotlyar, E; Macdonald, P; Keogh, A
2020158 Reconsidering the Threshold: Should Pulmonary Vascular Resistance >2 Wood Units be Considered Pulmonary Hypertension?Lo, P; Kearney, K; Brown, K; Corrigan, C; Pidoux, A; Muthiah, K; Jabbour, A; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P; Kotlyar, E
2020161 Renal Histology associated With Cardiorenal Syndrome in Patients With Advanced Heart FailureBarua, S; Muthiah, K; Sevastos, J; Macdonald, P; Hayward, C
2020298 Caught in the Act: a Clinical DilemmaCarroll, J; Kearney, K; Jones, K; Meredith, T; McGrath-Cadell, L; Wang, L; Omari, A; Kotlyar, E; Jansz, P; Hayward, C; Macdonald, P
2020622 Renal Resistive Index and Acute Kidney Injury During Mechanical Circulatory SupportBarua, S; Muthiah, K; Macdonald, P; Hayward, C
2018A Randomised Pilot Study of Chewing Gum to Relieve Thirst in Chronic Heart Failure (RELIEVE-CHF Trial)Allida, S; Hayward, C; Shehab, S; Inglis, S; Davidson, P; Newton, P
2016-02-15Acute heart failure admissions in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory: The NSW HF snapshot studyNewton, PJ; Davidson, PM; Reid, CM; Krum, H; Hayward, C; Sibbritt, DW; Banks, E; Macdonald, PS
2023Aligning the Goals of Learning Analytics with its Research Scholarship: An Open Peer Commentary ApproachFerguson, R; Khosravi, H; Kovanović, V; Viberg, O; Aggarwal, A; Brinkhuis, M; Buckingham Shum, S; Chen, LK; Drachsler, H; Guerrero, VA; Hanses, M; Hayward, C; Hicks, B; Jivet, I; Kitto, K; Kizilcec, R; Lodge, JM; Manly, CA; Matz, RL; Meaney, MJ; Ochoa, X; Schuetze, BA; Spruit, M; Van Haastrecht, M; Van Leeuwen, A; Van Rijn, L; Tsai, Y-S; Weidlich, J; Williamson, K; Yan, VX
2022-07Cardiac Allograft Injuries: A Review of Approaches to a Common Dilemma, With Emphasis on Emerging Techniques.Hayward, C
2021-04-01Chronic Hemolysis May Predict Mortality in Patients with Ventricular Assist DevicesConte, S; Barua, S; Cherrett, C; Adji, A; Engelman, J; Robson, D; Bragg, C; Kearney, K; Jain, P; Macdonald, P; Muthiah, K; Hayward, C
2020-09-27Clinical characteristics and prognosis of cardiac amyloidosis defined by mass spectrometry-based proteomics in an Australian cohort.Withers, B; McCaughan, G; Hayward, C; Kotlyar, E; Jabbour, A; Rainer, S; De Angelis, E; Horvath, N; Milliken, S; Dogan, A; MacDonald, P; Moore, J
2016-08-01Cognitive Frailty in Heart-Transplant Eligible Patients: A Better Predictor of MortalityJha, S; Hannu, M; Newton, P; Wilhelm, K; Hayward, C; Jabbour, A; Kotlyar, E; Keogh, A; Dhital, K; Granger, E; Jansz, P; Spratt, P; Montgomery, E; Harkess, M; Tunnicliff, P; Macdonald, P
2020Costs before and after left ventricular assist device implant and preceding heart transplant: a cohort studyPrichard, R; Kershaw, L; Goodall, S; Davidson, P; Newton, PJ; Saing, S; Hayward, C
2015Current strategies employed by nurses used to manage the symptom of thirst in chronic heart failureAllida, S; Inglis, S; Davidson, P; Newton, P; Hayward, C
2019-05Efficacy and Safety of Empagliflozin in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Heart Transplant Recipients.Cehic, MG; Muir, CA; Greenfield, JR; Hayward, C; Jabbour, A; Keogh, A; Kotlyar, E; Muthiah, K; Macdonald, PS
2021-04-01Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation for Primary Graft Failure Following Heart TransplantationConte, S; Scheuer, S; Emmanuel, S; Bragg, C; Hayward, C; Granger, E; Macdonald, P; Jansz, P
2021-04-01Flow Pulsatility and Outcomes in Continuous-Flow Ventricular Assist DevicesConte, S; Barua, S; Cherrett, C; Adji, A; Engelman, J; Robson, D; Bragg, C; Kearney, K; Jain, P; Macdonald, P; Muthiah, K; Hayward, C
2018-01-01Frailty Predicts Mortality After Heart TransplantationOffen, S; Jha, S; Connellan, M; Dhital, K; Granger, E; Harkness, M; Hayward, C; Jabbour, A; Jansz, P; Kotlyar, E; Montgomery, E; Muthiah, K; Spratt, P; MacDonald, P