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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-018th International Researching Work and Learning (RWL) conference: The visible and invisible in work and learningHopwood, N
2022-01-01Agency in cultural-historical activity theory: strengthening commitment to social transformationHopwood, N
2017-01-01Agency, learning and knowledge work: Epistemic dilemmas in professional practicesHopwood, N
2023-11-30AgencyAstheDirectionandReachofActions:ATheoretical OutlineHopwood, N; Hopwood, N
2016-01-01Bodies and Professional PracticesHopwood, N
2012-09-01Bodies in narratives of doctoral students' learning and experienceHopwood, N; Paulson, J
2019-01-01Bodies in SimulationDieckmann, P; Johnson, E; Hopwood, N
2015-01-01The body in professional practice, learning and education: A question of corporealityGreen, B; Hopwood, N
2021-01-01Changing the World for Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties: Cultural-Historical Analyses of Transformative AgencyHopwood, N; Elliot, C; Pointon, K
2021-10-26Clinician and carer moral concerns when caring for children who tube-feed.Dadich, A; Hockey, K; Kaplun, C; Fleming, C; Hopwood, N; Moraby, K; Elliot, C
2019Common knowledge between mothers and children in problematic transitions: How professionals make children’s motives available as a resourceHopwood, N; Clerke, T
2015-04-08Conceptualising the PhD as preparing for academic practice in geographyHopwood, N; McAlpine, L
2016-01-01ConclusionsHopwood, N
2022-09-30Connective Enactment and Collective Accomplishment in Professional PracticesKemmis, S; Hopwood, N
2014-03-14Developing professional responsibility in medicine: a sociomaterial curriculumHopwood, N; Abrandt Dahlgren, M; Siwe, K; Fenwick, T; Nerland, M
2010-01A different kind of doctoral education: a discussion panel for rethinking the doctoral curriculumHopwood, N; Boud, DJ; Lee, A; Abrandt Dahlgren, M; Kiley, M; Kiley, A
2010-10-20Doctoral experience and learning from a sociocultural perspectiveHopwood, N
2009-01Doctoral student experience: activities and difficulties influencing identity developmentMcAlpine, L; Jazvc-Martek, M; Hopwood, N
2010-06-01Doctoral students as journal editors: Non-formal learning through academic workHopwood, N
2014-01Doing Ethnography in Teams: A Case Study of Asymmetries in Collaborative ResearchClerke, T; Hopwood, N