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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-183D Reconstruction of Deformable Colon Structures based on Preoperative Model and Deep Neural NetworkZhang, S; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Ma, R; Hu, B; Hao, Q
2020-01-01Deep Learning Assisted Automatic Intra-operative 3D Aortic Deformation ReconstructionZhang, Y; Falque, R; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Hu, B
2017-12-22A Joint Intrinsic-Extrinsic Prior Model for RetinexCai, B; Xu, X; Guo, K; Jia, K; Hu, B; Tao, D
2013-01-01Modeling and QoS analysis of IEEE 802.11 broadcast scheme in Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksLi, B; Hu, B; Liu, RP; Chen, S
2017-04-01Modeling and QoS analysis of the IEEE 802.11p broadcast scheme in vehicular ad hoc networksLi, B; Sutton, GJ; Hu, B; Liu, RP; Chen, S
2005-01Modeling water and carbon fluxes above summer maize field in North China Plain with back-propagation neural networksQin, Z; Su, G; Yu, Q; Hu, B; Li, J
2018-01-10Multiagent-consensus-MapReduce-based attribute reduction using co-evolutionary quantum PSO for big data applicationsDing, W; Lin, CT; Chen, S; Zhang, X; Hu, B
2023-01-01Numerical Study of Mixed Convection and Heat Transfer in Arc-Shaped Cavity with Inner Heat SourcesCui, H; An, H; Wang, W; Han, Z; Hu, B; Xu, F; Liu, Q; Saha, SC
2013-01Pedestrain Monitoring System Using Wi-Fi Technology and RSSI Based LocalizationXu, Z; Sandrasegaran, K; Kong, X; Zhu, X; Hu, B; Zhao, J; Lin, C
2022-01-01SPG-VTON: Semantic Prediction Guidance for Multi-Pose Virtual Try-onHu, B; Liu, P; Zheng, Z; Ren, M
2013-01A Study of WLAN RSSI Based Distance Measurement Using EEMDXu, Z; Sandrasegaran, K; Hu, B; Lin, C
2020-10-01The roles of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy in industrial energy and related pollutant emission intensitiesHu, C; Hu, B; Shi, X; Wu, Y
2022-03-23Topical hemostatic materials for coagulopathy.Hu, B; Bao, G; Xu, X; Yang, K
2021-01-01Unsupervised Eyeglasses Removal in the Wild.Hu, B; Zheng, Z; Liu, P; Yang, W; Ren, M
2005-12-01Water, heat fluxes and water use efficiency measurement and modeling above a farmland in the North China PlainQin, Z; Yu, Q; Xu, S; Hu, B; Sun, X; Liu, E; Wang, J; Yu, G; Zhu, Z