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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Scholar of SecrecyHurley, A; Benbow, HM; Stone, B; Hurley, A; Benbow, HM; Stone, B
2019-05-16Alles wieder offen. Einstuerzende Neubauten zwischen Klang, Wort, Ritus: Lament und ErinnerungsdiskursHurley, A
2019-10-10'Blowing in from German Studies'Hurley, A
2019-03-05"Disappearing Act: felicitas Hoppe's >>Hoppe<< and Australian Myths"Hurley, A
2021-12-30Electronic Music from East Switzerland (via Germany)? Intermediality in Peter Weber’s Novel Die melodielosen Jahre (2007)Hurley, A; Schuette, U
2022-12-01Geheimnisse SecretsHurley, A; Benbow, HM; Stone, B; Hurley, A
2019-09-10Geographies of Food: The BA International Studies 25th Anniversary Cookbook, ed. Paul Allatson, Angela Giovanangeli and Emi Otsuji.Otsuji, E; Gavran, M; Groeneveld, S; Andersen, M; Jeffreys, E; Goodman, DSG; Vanni Accarigi, I; Maggiora de Iturralde, P; Fletcher, N; Sharp, L; Sheldon, M; Browitt, J; Donald, S; Harbon, L; Mikula, M; Giovanangeli, A; Loda, A; Allatson, P; Hurley, A; Barclay, K; Robert, J; Rodriguez, M; Leigh, B; McCormack, J; Manganas, N; Wyndham, M; Aponte Ortiz, L; Allatson, P; Giovanangeli, A; Otsuji, E
2020German-Australian Entanglements: on German settler colonialism, the wavering interests of exploration, science, mission and migration, and the contestations of travelling memoryHurley, A; Eckstein, L; Eckstein, L; Hurley, AW
2014-01-01German-Indigenous musical flows at Ntaria in the 1960s: Tiger Tjalkalyeri's rendition of 'Silent Night', or what is tradition anyway?Hurley, A
2017-06-02Hobsbawm, Newton und Jazz. Zum Verhältnis von Musik und Geschichtsschreibung [Review]Hurley, A
2005-01"Jazz for Goethe" on "Politics' Third Stage": West German Government-sponsored jazz tours during the 1960s. Revising "outdated imaginations of West Germany" or participating in Western "cultural penetration"?Hurley, AW; Ernst, G; Hurley, A; Sutton, K
2022Keeping Secrets Badly? On german Revelations of the Indeigenous Secret-sacred in the 1970s and 1980s.Hurley, A
2013-12-01Leichhardt after LeichhardtHurley, A; Schlunke, K
2020Remembering Hermannsburg and the Strehlows in cantata form: music, the German-Australian past and reconciliationHurley, A
2017-12-31Review of Anett Krause, Die Geburt der Politeratur aus dem Geiste ihrer Debatte (St Ingbert: Roehrig, 2015)Hurley, A
2020-01-18Review of Priscilla Layne. White Rebels in Black: German Appropriation of Black Popular CultureHurley, A
2022-01-01Son of Kraut and an old Herero? The Politics of German pop musical memory around 1990Hurley, A; Donovan, S; Euchner, M
2019-05-07The Vanishing of Ludwig Leichhardt. History TalkHurley, A; Wenitong, J; Hoolihan, T