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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-013-D Printed Vertically Integrated Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line and Its Applications to Microwave CircuitsLi, M; Yang, Y; Zhang, Y; Iacopi, F
2020-01-013D-Printed Low-Profile Single-Substrate Multi-Metal Layer Antennas and Array With Bandwidth EnhancementLi, M; Yang, Y; Iacopi, F; Nulman, J; Chappel-Ram, S
2021-01-12A Fully Integrated Conductive and Dielectric Additive Manufacturing Technology for Microwave Circuits and AntennasLi, M; Yang, Y; Zhang, Y; Iacopi, F; Ram, S; Nulman, J
2020-12-29A lightweight Max-Pooling method and architecture for Deep Spiking Convolutional Neural NetworksNguyen, D-A; Tran, X-T; Dang, KN; Iacopi, F
2022-04-01A low-power, high-accuracy with fully on-chip ternary weight hardware architecture for Deep Spiking Neural NetworksNguyen, DA; Tran, XT; Dang, KN; Iacopi, F
2022-10-11A perspective on electroencephalography sensors for brain-computer interfacesIacopi, F; Lin, C-T
2021-05-24A Review of Algorithms and Hardware Implementations for Spiking Neural NetworksNguyen, D-A; Tran, X-T; Iacopi, F
2021-01-01Additively Manufactured Millimeter-Wave Dual-Band Single-Polarization Shared Aperture Fresnel Zone Plate Metalens AntennaZhu, J; Yang, Y; Li, M; McGloin, D; Liao, S; Nulman, J; Yamada, M; Iacopi, F
2022-01-03Additively Manufactured Multi-Layer Bandpass Filter Based on Vertically Integrated Composite Right and Left Handed ResonatorLi, M; Yang, Y; Iacopi, F; Nulman, J
2016-05-02All-solid-state supercapacitors on silicon using graphene from silicon carbideWang, B; Ahmed, M; Wood, B; Iacopi, F
2019-09-01An Efficient Event-driven Neuromorphic Architecture for Deep Spiking Neural NetworksNguyen, DA; Bui, DH; Iacopi, F; Tran, XT
2013-11-01Ashing of photoresists using dielectric barrier discharge cryoplasmasStauss, S; Mori, S; Muneoka, H; Terashima, K; Iacopi, F
2015-01-01A catalytic alloy approach for graphene on epitaxial SiC on silicon wafersIacopi, F; Mishra, N; Cunning, BV; Goding, D; Dimitrijev, S; Brock, R; Dauskardt, RH; Wood, B; Boeckl, J
2016-07-04Catastrophic degradation of the interface of epitaxial silicon carbide on silicon at high temperaturesPradeepkumar, A; Mishra, N; Kermany, AR; Boeckl, JJ; Hellerstedt, J; Fuhrer, MS; Iacopi, F
2022-12-20Characteristics of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC/Si Substrates in the Radio Frequency SpectrumKatzmarek, DA; Yang, Y; Ghasemian, MB; Kalantar-Zadeh, K; Ziolkowski, RW; Iacopi, F
2013-02-25Color chart for thin SiC films grown on Si substratesWang, L; Dimitrijev, S; Walker, G; Han, J; Iacopi, A; Tanner, P; Hold, L; Zhao, Y; Iacopi, F
2021-07-01Compact Multilayer Bandpass Filter Using Low-Temperature Additively Manufacturing SolutionLi, M; Yang, Y; Iacopi, F; Yamada, M; Nulman, J
2015-10-21Controlling the intrinsic bending of hetero-epitaxial silicon carbide micro-cantileversRanjbar Kermany, A; Iacopi, F
2014-05-28Controlling the surface roughness of epitaxial SiC on siliconMishra, N; Hold, L; Iacopi, A; Gupta, B; Motta, N; Iacopi, F
2020-07Cover Picture: Graphitic‐Based Solid‐State Supercapacitors: Enabling Redox Reaction by In Situ Electrochemical Treatment (Batteries & Supercaps 7/2020)Amjadipour, M; Su, D; Iacopi, F