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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-04A Measurement of 'Walking-the-Wall' Dynamics: An Observational Study Using Accelerometry and Sensors to Quantify Risk Associated with Vertical Wall Impact Attenuation in Trampoline Parks.Hossain, I; Zhou, S; Ishac, K; Lind, E; Sharwood, L; Eager, D
2020-11-26A retrospective analysis of the injury rate with the number greyhounds in each raceEager, D; Ishac, K
2021-10-01Additional criteria for playground impact attenuating sandEager, D; Chapman, C; Qi, Y; Ishac, K; Hossain, MI
2023-08-31An IoT Sensing Platform and Serious Game for Remote Martial Arts Training.Ishac, K; Bourahmoune, K; Carmichael, M
2021-09-14Analysis of Racing Greyhound Path Following Dynamics Using a Tracking SystemEager, D; Hossain, I; Ishac, K; Robins, S
2021-03-10Evaluating Martial Arts Punching Kinematics Using a Vision and Inertial Sensing SystemIshac, K; Eager, D
2021-01-01Injuries in Greyhound Racing: Number of StartersIshac, K; Eager, D
2022-07-17Intelligent Posture Training: Machine-Learning-Powered Human Sitting Posture Recognition Based on a Pressure-Sensing IoT Cushion.Bourahmoune, K; Ishac, K; Amagasa, T
2022-05-24Investigating the Knuckleball Effect in Soccer Using a Smart Ball and Training Machine.Eager, D; Ishac, K; Zhou, S; Hossain, I
2022-04-11Investigation into the Trampoline Dynamic Characteristics and Analysis of Double Bounce Vibrations.Eager, D; Zhou, S; Ishac, K; Hossain, I; Richards, A; Sharwood, LN
2018-07-13LifeChair: A Conductive Fabric Sensor-Based Smart Cushion for Actively Shaping Sitting Posture.Ishac, K; Suzuki, K
2022-03-01Managing greyhound congestion through lure driving changes - UTS feedbackEager, D; Hossain, MI; Ishac, K
2022-12-20Owro: A Novel Robot For Sitting Posture Training Based On Adaptive Human Robot InteractionBourahmoune, K; Ishac, K; Carmichael, M; Amagasa, T
2022-09-01Research on Impact Attenuation Characteristics of Greyhound Racing Track Padding for Injury PreventionEager, D; Zhou, S; Hossain, I; Ishac, K; Halkon, B
2021-07-16Shepparton track – Evaluation of a proposed 500 m startEager, D; Hossain, MI; Ishac, K
2021-01-01Unattenuated vertical walls in trampoline parks are Safer than attenuated vertical wallsEager, D; Hossain, MI; Lind, E; Ishac, K