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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022An Online Intelligent Task Pricing Mechanism Based on Reverse Auction in Mobile Crowdsensing Networks for the Internet of ThingsJia, B; Cen, H; Luo, X; Liu, S; Muhammad, K; Gandomi, AH; De Albuquerque, VHC
2018-12-01Anisotropic Third-Order Nonlinearity in Pristine and Lithium Hydride Intercalated Black PhosphorusYang, T; Abdelwahab, I; Lin, H; Bao, Y; Tan, SJR; Fraser, S; Loh, KP; Jia, B
2020-09-01Carbon-based absorbers for solar evaporation: Steam generation and beyondYang, T; Lin, H; Lin, K-T; Jia, B
2017-02-15Chemical Stabilization of 1T' Phase Transition Metal Dichalcogenides with Giant Optical Kerr Nonlinearity.Tan, SJR; Abdelwahab, I; Ding, Z; Zhao, X; Yang, T; Loke, GZJ; Lin, H; Verzhbitskiy, I; Poh, SM; Xu, H; Nai, CT; Zhou, W; Eda, G; Jia, B; Loh, KP
2018-01-01Dimerization of p15RS mediated by a leucine zipper–like motif is critical for its inhibitory role on Wnt signalingFan, X; Zhao, J; Ren, F; Wang, Y; Feng, Y; Ding, L; Zhao, L; Shang, Y; Li, J; Ni, J; Jia, B; Liu, Y; Chang, Z
2022-07-01Energetic Aqueous BatteriesJu, Z; Zhao, Q; Chao, D; Hou, Y; Pan, H; Sun, W; Yuan, Z; Li, H; Ma, T; Su, D; Jia, B
2020-07Flat Lenses Based on 2D Perovskite Nanosheets.Wang, Z; Yang, T; Zhang, Y; Ou, Q; Lin, H; Zhang, Q; Chen, H; Hoh, HY; Jia, B; Bao, Q
2019-03-26Fundamental Transport Mechanisms and Advancements of Graphene Oxide Membranes for Molecular SeparationYang, T; Lin, H; Loh, KP; Jia, B
2023-06Global research trends in radiotherapy for breast cancer: a systematic bibliometric analysis.Jia, B; Lim, D; Zhang, Y; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2021-03-03Graphene Multilayer Photonic Metamaterials: Fundamentals and ApplicationsLin, H; Lin, K-T; Yang, T; Jia, B
2023-10Hexyl-pentynoic acid serves as a novel radiosensitizer for breast cancer by inhibiting UCHL3-dependent Rad51 deubiquitinationCai, Z; Lim, D; Jia, B; Liu, G; Ding, W; Wang, Z; Tian, Z; Peng, J; Zhang, F; Dong, C; Feng, Z
2019-09-01Highly nonlinear BiOBr nanoflakes for hybrid integrated photonicsJia, L; Cui, D; Wu, J; Feng, H; Yang, Y; Yang, T; Qu, Y; Du, Y; Hao, W; Jia, B; Moss, DJ
2022-07-23Lanthanide ions in nanocrystals for biophotonics applicationChen, C; Liu, B; Liao, J; Ding, L; Shan, X; Wang, F; Liu, J; Jia, B; Yao, X; Wang, Y; Cao, L; Nomura, T
2020-07-24Large Third-Order Optical Kerr Nonlinearity in Nanometer-Thick PdSe2 2D Dichalcogenide Films: Implications for Nonlinear Photonic DevicesJia, L; Wu, J; Yang, T; Jia, B; Moss, DJ
2017-02-22Laser trimming of graphene oxide for functional photonic applicationsZheng, X; Lin, H; Yang, T; Jia, B
2008-05-15Local observation of modes from three-dimensional woodpile photonic crystals with near-field microspectroscopy under supercontinuum illuminationJia, B; Norton, AH; Li, J; Rahmani, A; Asatryan, AA; Botten, LC; Gu, M
2020On the pedestrian flow analysis through passive wifi sensingHuang, B; Li, X; Mao, G; Jia, B; Li, W
2019-08-01An Online Radio Map Update Scheme for WiFi Fingerprint-Based LocalizationHuang, B; Xu, Z; Jia, B; Mao, G
2019-11-15Prediction for Student Academic Performance Using SMNaive Bayes ModelJia, B; Niu, K; Hou, X; Li, N; Peng, X; Gu, P; Jia, R
2018-09-19Role of Surface Recombination in Halide Perovskite Nanoplatelets.Wen, X; Chen, W; Yang, J; Ou, Q; Yang, T; Zhou, C; Lin, H; Wang, Z; Zhang, Y; Conibeer, G; Bao, Q; Jia, B; Moss, DJ