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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12-01A modified two-part wolf pack search algorithm for the multiple traveling salesmen problemChen, Y; Jia, Z; Ai, X; Yang, D; Yu, J
2021-07-01A semi-active variable equivalent stiffness and inertance device implemented by an electrical networkNing, D; Du, H; Zhang, N; Jia, Z; Li, W; Wang, Y
2019-06-01A variable inertance and variable damping vibration control system with electric circuitNing, D; Jia, Z; Du, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
2020-08-01An Electromagnetic Variable Stiffness Device for Semiactive Seat Suspension Vibration ControlNing, D; Du, H; Sun, S; Zheng, M; Li, W; Zhang, N; Jia, Z
2021-08-01Bioadaptability of biomaterials: Aiming at precision medicineXu, X; Jia, Z; Zheng, Y; Wang, Y
2023-01Design, Printing, and Engineering of Regenerative Biomaterials for Personalized Bone HealthcareJia, Z; Xu, X; Zhu, D; Zheng, Y
2023-08-01Efficient end-to-end failure probing matrix construction in data center networksJia, Z; Liu, Q; He, Y; Wu, Q; Liu, RP; Sun, Y
2021-01-01Energy-aware decision-making for dynamic task migration in MEC-based unmanned aerial vehicle delivery systemLi, R; Li, X; Xu, J; Jiang, F; Jia, Z; Shao, D; Pan, L; Liu, X
2017-09-01Integral backstepping sliding mode control for quadrotor helicopter under external uncertain disturbancesJia, Z; Yu, J; Mei, Y; Chen, Y; Shen, Y; Ai, X
2023-02-26Preparation and Characterization of Polylactic Acid/Nano Hydroxyapatite/Nano Hydroxyapatite/Human Acellular Amniotic Membrane (PLA/nHAp/HAAM) Hybrid Scaffold for Bone Tissue Defect Repair.Jia, Z; Ma, H; Liu, J; Yan, X; Liu, T; Cheng, YY; Li, X; Wu, S; Zhang, J; Song, K
2006-01Recent Developments in Vision Based Target Tracking for Autonomous Vehicles NavigationJia, Z; Balasuriya, A; Challa, S; Technical Committee, IEEE
2008-01Sensor fusion-based visual target tracking for autonomous vehicles with the out-of-sequence measurements solutionJia, Z; Balasuriya, A; Challa, S
2023-12-01sRetor: a semi-centralized regular topology routing scheme for data center networkingJia, Z; Liu, Q; Sun, Y
2008-07-01Synthesis of versatile thiol-reactive polymer scaffolds via RAFT polymerizationWong, L; Boyer, C; Jia, Z; Zareie, HM; Davis, TP; Bulmus, V
2009Synthesis of versatile tio-reactive polymer scaffolds via RAFT polymerisationBulmus, V; Jia, Z; Boyer, C; Wong, L; Davis, T; Zareie, H
2020-01-01A systematic literature review on the service supply chain: research agenda and future research directionsChoudhury, TT; Paul, SK; Rahman, HF; Jia, Z; Shukla, N
2016-02-01Trajectory optimization of multiple quad-rotor UAVs in collaborative assembling taskChen, Y; Yu, J; Mei, Y; Zhang, S; Ai, X; Jia, Z
2008-01Vision based data fusion for autonomous vehicles target tracking using interacting multiple dynamic modelsJia, Z; Balasuriya, A; Challa, S
2007-01Visual Information Fusion For Object-based Video Image Segmentation Using Unsupervised Bayesian Online LearningJia, Z; Balasuriya, A; Challa, S