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2021-04-26An electronic decision support‐based complex intervention to improve management of cardiovascular risk in primary health care: a cluster randomised trial (INTEGRATE)Webster, R; Usherwood, T; Joshi, R; Saini, B; Armour, C; Critchley, S; Di Tanna, GL; Galgey, S; Hespe, CM; Jan, S; Karia, A; Kaur, B; Krass, I; Laba, T; Li, Q; Lo, S; Peiris, DP; Reid, C; Rodgers, A; Shiel, L; Strathdee, J; Zamora, N; Patel, A
2016Assessing the Readiness of Farmers towards Cold Chain ManagementJoshi, R; Joshi, S
2020Community pharmacist workflow: Space for Pharmacy-Based Interventions and Consultation TimE (SPICE) study protocolKaria, AM; Balane, C; Norman, R; Robinson, S; Lehnbom, E; Durakovic, I; Laba, T-L; Joshi, R; Webster, R
2018-12Considering pharmacy workflow in the context of Australian community pharmacy: A pilot time and motion study.Cavaye, D; Lehnbom, EC; Laba, T-L; El-Boustani, E; Joshi, R; Webster, R
2017-01-01Conversion of gestational diabetes mellitus to future Type 2 diabetes mellitus and the predictive value of HbA<inf>1c</inf> in an Indian cohortGupta, Y; Kapoor, D; Desai, A; Praveen, D; Joshi, R; Rozati, R; Bhatla, N; Prabhakaran, D; Reddy, P; Patel, A; Tandon, N
2015-01-05Exploring grassroots innovation phenomenon through the lived experience of an Indian grassroots innovator.Joshi, R; Chelliah, J; Ramanathan, V
2021-09Female breast cancer treatment and survival in South Australia: Results from linked health data.Li, M; Roder, D; D'Onise, K; Walters, D; Farshid, G; Buckley, E; Karapetis, C; Joshi, R; Price, T; Townsend, A; Miller, C; Currow, D; Powell, K; Buranyi-Trevarton, D; Olver, I
2020-10-31Health-related quality of life in patients with inoperable malignant bowel obstruction: secondary outcome from a double-blind, parallel, placebo-controlled randomised trial of octreotide.McCaffrey, N; Asser, T; Fazekas, B; Muircroft, W; Agar, M; Clark, K; Eckermann, S; Lee, J; Joshi, R; Allcroft, P; Sheehan, C; Currow, DC
2020-01How well are non-communicable disease services being integrated into primary health care in Africa: A review of progress against World Health Organization's African regional targets.Tesema, AG; Ajisegiri, WS; Abimbola, S; Balane, C; Kengne, AP; Shiferaw, F; Dangou, J-M; Narasimhan, P; Joshi, R; Peiris, D
2007-01-01Hybrid outcome prediction model for severe traumatic brain injuryBoon, CP; Kuralmani, V; Joshi, R; Hongli, Y; Kah, KL; Beng, TA; Li, J; Tze, YL; Ng, I
2016-09-23An integrated general practice and pharmacy-based intervention to promote the use of appropriate preventive medications among individuals at high cardiovascular disease risk: Protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trialHayek, A; Joshi, R; Usherwood, T; Webster, R; Kaur, B; Saini, B; Armour, C; Krass, I; Laba, TL; Reid, C; Shiel, L; Hespe, C; Hersch, F; Jan, S; Lo, S; Peiris, D; Rodgers, A; Patel, A
2020-06-28Monitoring TNM stage of female breast cancer and survival across the South Australian population, with national and international TNM benchmarking: A population-based cohort study.Li, M; Roder, D; D'Onise, K; Walters, D; Farshid, G; Buckley, E; Karapetis, C; Joshi, R; Price, T; Townsend, A; Miller, CL; Currow, D; Powell, K; Buranyi-Trevarton, D; Olver, I
2016-04-22Nature and spirit of exchange and interpersonal relationships fostering grassroots innovationsJoshi, R; Chelliah, J; Sood, S; Burdon, SW
2020Non-medical Prescribing Policies: A global scoping reviewEcker, S; Joshi, R; Shanthosh, J; Webster, R
2022-03-02Pharmacist's time spent: Space for Pharmacy-based Interventions and Consultation TimE (SPICE)-an observational time and motion study.Karia, A; Norman, R; Robinson, S; Lehnbom, E; Laba, T-L; Durakovic, I; Balane, C; Joshi, R; Webster, R
2017-07-01A pragmatic, phase III, multisite, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-Arm, dose increment randomised trial of regular, low-dose extended-release morphine for chronic breathlessness: Breathlessness, Exertion and Morphine Sulfate (BEAMS) study protocolCurrow, D; Watts, GJ; Johnson, M; McDonald, CF; Miners, JO; Somogyi, AA; Denehy, L; McCaffrey, N; Eckert, DJ; McCloud, P; Louw, S; Lam, L; Greene, A; Fazekas, B; Clark, KC; Fong, K; Agar, MR; Joshi, R; Kilbreath, S; Ferreira, D; Ekström, M
2013-01Sharing the benefits of commercialisation of traditional knowledge: what are the key success factors?Joshi, R; Chelliah, J
2020-12-01Transforming knowledge systems for life on Earth: Visions of future systems and how to get thereFazey, I; Schäpke, N; Caniglia, G; Hodgson, A; Kendrick, I; Lyon, C; Page, G; Patterson, J; Riedy, C; Strasser, T; Verveen, S; Adams, D; Goldstein, B; Klaes, M; Leicester, G; Linyard, A; McCurdy, A; Ryan, P; Sharpe, B; Silvestri, G; Abdurrahim, AY; Abson, D; Adetunji, OS; Aldunce, P; Alvarez-Pereira, C; Amparo, JM; Amundsen, H; Anderson, L; Andersson, L; Asquith, M; Augenstein, K; Barrie, J; Bent, D; Bentz, J; Bergsten, A; Berzonsky, C; Bina, O; Blackstock, K; Boehnert, J; Bradbury, H; Brand, C; Böhme (born Sangmeister), J; Bøjer, MM; Carmen, E; Charli-Joseph, L; Choudhury, S; Chunhachoti-ananta, S; Cockburn, J; Colvin, J; Connon, ILC; Cornforth, R; Cox, RS; Cradock-Henry, N; Cramer, L; Cremaschi, A; Dannevig, H; Day, CT; de Lima Hutchison, C; de Vrieze, A; Desai, V; Dolley, J; Duckett, D; Durrant, RA; Egermann, M; Elsner (Adams), E; Fremantle, C; Fullwood-Thomas, J; Galafassi, D; Gobby, J; Golland, A; González-Padrón, SK; Gram-Hanssen, I; Grandin, J; Grenni, S; Lauren Gunnell, J; Gusmao, F; Hamann, M; Harding, B; Harper, G; Hesselgren, M; Hestad, D; Heykoop, CA; Holmén, J; Holstead, K; Hoolohan, C; Horcea-Milcu, AI; Horlings, LG; Howden, SM; Howell, RA; Huque, SI; Inturias Canedo, ML; Iro, CY; Ives, CD; John, B; Joshi, R; Juarez-Bourke, S; Juma, DW; Karlsen, BC; Kliem, L; Kläy, A
2019-01-01Treatment of wastewater from petroleum industry: current practices and perspectivesVarjani, S; Joshi, R; Srivastava, VK; Ngo, HH; Guo, W