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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A layperson introduction to the quantum approach to humor.Gabora, L; Thomson, S; Kitto, K; Runch, W
2017Addressing Risk in Conditions of Uncertainty Ignorance and Partial KnowledgeColyvan, M; Kitto, K; Quigley, M; Bennetts, L; Durance, P; Galton-Fenzi, B; Geenens, G; Hamilton, K; Ickowicz, A; Killedar, M; Kuhnert, P; Lindsay, M; Pembleton, K; Roberts, M; Verdejo-Garcia, A; White, C
2015-03-16Analysing reflective text for learning analytics: An approach using anomaly recontextualisationGibson, A; Kitto, K
2016-01-01Applying POVM to model non-orthogonality in quantum cognitionAliakbarzadeh, M; Kitto, K
2013-01-01Attitudes, ideologies and self-organization: Information load minimization in multi-agent decision makingKitto, K; Boschetti, F
2022Automated Essay Scoring in Australian Schools: Collective PolicymakingKalervo, G; Thompson, G; Swist, T; Kitto, K; Rutkowski, L; Rutkowski, D; Hogan, A; Zhang, V; Knight, S
2022Automated Essay Scoring in Australian Schools: Key Issues and RecommendationsKalervo, G; Thompson, G; Swist, T; Kitto, K; Rutkowski, L; Rutkowski, D; Hogan, A; Zhang, V; Knight, S
2019-04-03Beyond Average: Contemporary statistical techniques for analysing student evaluations of teachingKitto, K; Williams, C; Alderman, L
2017-03-13Beyond failure: The 2<sup>nd</sup> LAK Failathon posterClow, D; Ferguson, R; Kitto, K; Cho, YS; Sharkey, M; Aguerrebere, C
2017-03-13Classifying help seeking behaviour in online communitiesCross, S; Waters, Z; Kitto, K; Zuccon, G
2014-01-01A cognitive processing framework for learning analyticsGibson, A; Kitto, K; Willis, J
2021-07-01Combining factor analysis with writing analytics for the formative assessment of written reflectionLiu, M; Kitto, K; Buckingham Shum, S
2013Concept combination and the origins of complex cognitionGabora, L; Kitto, K; Swan, L
2016-04-25The connected learning analytics toolkitKitto, K; Bakharia, A; Lupton, M; Mallet, D; Banks, J; Bruza, P; Pardo, A; Shum, SB; Dawsony, S; Gaševícy, D; Siemensg, G; Lynch, G
2019The connected university: Connectedness Learning across a lifetimeKitto, K; Cutrupi, J; Philips, M; Gardiner, G; Ghodrati, M; Buckingham Shum, S; Bridgstock, R; Tippett, N
2011Contextual Information: Modeling different interpretations of the same data within a geometric frameworkKitto, K; Ess, C; Hagengruber, R
2013-09-01Contextual models and the non-Newtonian paradigmKitto, K; Kortschak, RD
2014-12A Contextualised General Systems TheoryKitto, K
2022Creating an openly accessible dataset of learning dialogueFerguson, R; Kitto, K; Manly, C; Poquet, O
2020-09-26Creating data for learning analytics ecosystemsKitto, K; Whitmer, J; Silvers, A; Webb, M