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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02-083D printing of a pavlovaKouzani, AZ; Adams, S; Oliver, R; Nguwi, YY; Hemsley, B; Balandin, S
2017-02-093D Printing of Food for People with Swallowing DifficultiesKouzani, AZ; Adams, S; Whyte, DJ; Oliver, R; Hemsley, B; Palmer, S; Balandin, S
2022-01-01A review on extrusion-based 3D-printed nanogenerators for energy harvestingWajahat, M; Kouzani, AZ; Khoo, SY; Mahmud, MAP
2022-05-28A Smart Camera Trap for Detection of Endotherms and Ectotherms.Corva, DM; Semianiw, NI; Eichholtzer, AC; Adams, SD; Mahmud, MAP; Gaur, K; Pestell, AJL; Driscoll, DA; Kouzani, AZ
2022-03-01Advanced Design, Fabrication, and Applications of 3D-Printable Piezoelectric NanogeneratorsMahmud, MAP; Adhikary, P; Zolfagharian, A; Adams, S; Kaynak, A; Kouzani, AZ
2022-05-19Advancements in Algorithms and Neuromorphic Hardware for Spiking Neural Networks.Javanshir, A; Nguyen, TT; Mahmud, MAP; Kouzani, AZ
2022-03-01An Improved SLIC Algorithm for Segmentation of Microscopic Cell ImagesHe, F; Parvez Mahmud, MA; Kouzani, AZ; Anwar, A; Jiang, F; Ling, SH
2022-02-02Automatic Target Detection from Satellite Imagery Using Machine Learning.Tahir, A; Munawar, HS; Akram, J; Adil, M; Ali, S; Kouzani, AZ; Mahmud, MAP
2020-10-16Characterization of a High Frequency Transformer with HTS Winding and Amorphous Magnetic Core for Power Converter ApplicationKiran, MR; Farrok, O; Islam, MR; Zhu, J; Kouzani, AZ; Parvez Mahmud, MA
2021-05-02Cluster Analysis and Model Comparison Using Smart Meter Data.Shaukat, MA; Shaukat, HR; Qadir, Z; Munawar, HS; Kouzani, AZ; Mahmud, MAP
2023-08-02Comparative study and multi-parameter analysis to optimize device structure of triboelectric nanogenerators.Wajahat, M; Kouzani, AZ; Khoo, SY; Mahmud, MAP
2022-03-01Comparative study on the contact-separation mode triboelectric nanogeneratorHasan, S; Kouzani, AZ; Adams, S; Long, J; Mahmud, MAP
2019-12-01Consensus Paper: Experimental Neurostimulation of the CerebellumMiterko, LN; Baker, KB; Beckinghausen, J; Bradnam, LV; Cheng, MY; Cooperrider, J; DeLong, MR; Gornati, SV; Hallett, M; Heck, DH; Hoebeek, FE; Kouzani, AZ; Kuo, SH; Louis, ED; Machado, A; Manto, M; McCambridge, AB; Nitsche, MA; Taib, NOB; Popa, T; Tanaka, M; Timmann, D; Steinberg, GK; Wang, EH; Wichmann, T; Xie, T; Sillitoe, RV
2022-01-06Design of a Highly Efficient Wideband Multi-Frequency Ambient RF Energy Harvester.Roy, S; Tiang, J-J; Roslee, MB; Ahmed, MT; Kouzani, AZ; Mahmud, MAP
2023-09-25Development of Triboelectric Nanogenerator Using Flexible 3D Printed PolyamideWajahat, M; Kouzani, AZ; Khoo, SY; Mahmud, MAP
2022-11-01FitNN: A Low-Resource FPGA-Based CNN Accelerator for DronesZhang, Z; Mahmud, MAP; Kouzani, AZ
2023-01-01Mental Health Prediction through Text Chat ConversationsNouman, M; Sara, H; Khoo, SY; Mahmud, MAP; Kouzani, AZ
2020-01-01New Design of Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Hybrid System for Performance Improvement of Solar PhotovoltaicHossain, R; Ahmed, AJ; Islam, SMKN; Saha, N; Debnath, P; Kouzani, AZ; Mahmud, MAP
2023-04-07Optimal Energy Trade in Retailer, Charging Station, and Electric Vehicles using a Stackelberg GameAdil, M; Mahmud, MAP; Kouzani, AZ; Khoo, SY
2022-01-01Recent Advances in Contactless Sensing Technologies for Mental Health MonitoringNouman, M; Khoo, SY; Mahmud, MAP; Kouzani, AZ