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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-01Anti-amoebic activity of acyclic and cyclic-samarium complexes on AcanthamoebaKusrini, E; Hashim, F; Gunawan, C; Mann, R; Azmi, WNNWN; Amin, NM
2018-03-12Anti-amoebic activity of acyclic and cyclic-samarium complexes on Acanthamoeba.Kusrini, E; Hashim, F; Gunawan, C; Mann, R; Azmi, WNNWN; Amin, NM
2019-04-01Development of a novel thermoelectric module based device for thermal stability measurement of phase change materialsPutra, N; Hakim, II; Erwin, FP; Abdullah, NA; Ariantara, B; Amin, M; Mahlia, TMI; Kusrini, E
2017-03-28Enrichment process of biogas using simultaneous Absorption - Adsorption methodsKusrini, E; Lukita, M; Gozan, M; Susanto, BH; Nasution, DA; Rahman, A; Gunawan, C
2021-08Experimental analysis of natural wax as phase change material by thermal cycling test using thermoelectric systemTrisnadewi, T; Kusrini, E; Nurjaya, DM; Putra, N; Mahlia, TMI
2018-10-01Kinetics, mechanism, and thermodynamics of lanthanum adsorption on pectin extracted from durian rindKusrini, E; Wicaksono, W; Gunawan, C; Daud, NZA; Usman, A
2017-02-21Multifunctional microsphere formulation of fluorescent magnetic properties for drug delivery systemKusrini, E; Prassanti, R; Nurjaya, DM; Gunawan, C
2019-02-01Preparation of beeswax/multi-walled carbon nanotubes as novel shape-stable nanocomposite phase-change material for thermal energy storagePutra, N; Rawi, S; Amin, M; Kusrini, E; Kosasih, EA; Indra Mahlia, TM
2018-03-28Textile Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution using Modified Graphite Waste/Lanthanum/Chitosan CompositeKusrini, E; Wicaksono, B; Yulizar, Y; Prasetyanto, EA; Gunawan, C
2020-11-01Thermal properties of sonicated graphene in coconut oil as a phase change material for energy storage in building applicationsSafira, L; Putra, N; Trisnadewi, T; Kusrini, E; Mahlia, TMI