Enrichment process of biogas using simultaneous Absorption - Adsorption methods

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Conference Proceeding
AIP Conference Proceedings, 2017, 1826
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© 2017 Author(s). Removal of CO2 in biogas is an essential methods to the purification and upgrading of biogas. Natural Clinoptilolite zeolites were evaluated as sorbents for purification of biogas that produced from palm oil mill effluent (POME) by anerobic-digestion method. The absorption and adsorption experiments were conducted in a fixed-bed two column adsorption unit by simultaneous absorption-adsorption method. The Ca(OH)2 solution with concentration of 0.062 M was used as absorption method. Sorbent for removal of CO2 in biogas have been prepared by modifying of Clinoptilolite zeolites with an acid (HCl, 2M) and alkaline (NaOH, 2M), calcined at 450°C and then coated using chitosan (0.5 w/v%) in order to increase their adsorption capacity. The removal of CO2 in biogas was achieved about ∼83% using 2.5?g of sorbent zeolite (2M)/chitosan dosage for each column, breakthrough time of 30?min, and flow rate of 100?mL/min. Clinoptilolite zeolites with modifications of an acid-alkaline and chitosan (zeolite (2M)/chitosan) are promising sorbents due to the amine groups from chitosan and high surface-volume ratio are one of important factors in a simultaneous absorption-adsorption method.
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