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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-26An electronic decision support‐based complex intervention to improve management of cardiovascular risk in primary health care: a cluster randomised trial (INTEGRATE)Webster, R; Usherwood, T; Joshi, R; Saini, B; Armour, C; Critchley, S; Di Tanna, GL; Galgey, S; Hespe, CM; Jan, S; Karia, A; Kaur, B; Krass, I; Laba, T; Li, Q; Lo, S; Peiris, DP; Reid, C; Rodgers, A; Shiel, L; Strathdee, J; Zamora, N; Patel, A
2017-10-01Effectiveness of an electronic patient-centred self-management tool for gout sufferers: A cluster randomised controlled trail protocolDay, RO; Frensham, LJ; Nguyen, AD; Baysari, MT; Aung, E; Lau, AYS; Zwar, N; Reath, J; Laba, T; Li, L; McLachlan, A; Runciman, WB; Buchbinder, R; Clay-Williams, R; Coiera, E; Braithwaite, J; McNeil, HP; Hunter, DJ; Pile, KJ; Portek, I; Williams, KM; Westbrook, JI
2023-01Health Policy - the best evidence for better policies.Quentin, W; Achstetter, K; Barros, PP; Blankart, CR; Fattore, G; Jeurissen, P; Kwon, S; Laba, T; Or, Z; Papanicolas, I; Polin, K; Shuftan, N; Sutherland, J; Vogt, V; Vrangbaek, K; Wendt, C
2013-06-06INterpreting the Processes of the UMPIRE Trial (INPUT): Protocol for a qualitative process evaluation study of a fixed-dose combination (FDC) strategy to improve adherence to cardiovascular medicationsSalam, A; Stewart, F; Singh, K; Thom, S; Williams, HJ; Patel, A; Jan, S; Laba, T; Prabhakaran, D; Maulik, P; Day, S; Ward, H
2018-08-01Participant preferences for an aboriginal-specific fall prevention program: Measuring the value of culturally-appropriate careAngell, B; Laba, T; Lukaszyk, C; Coombes, J; Eades, S; Keay, L; Ivers, R; Jan, S
2023-07Process Evaluation Results of QUality Improvement for Effectiveness of Care for People Living With Heart Disease (QUEL):A Cluster Randomised Controlled Data-driven Quality Improvement Trial to Improve Cardiovascular Disease Care in Australian Primary Care PracticesHafiz, N; Hyun, K; Tu, Q; Knight, A; Hespe, C; Chow, C; Briffa, T; Gallagher, R; Reid, C; Hare, D; Zwar, N; Woodward, M; Jan, S; Atkins, E; Laba, T; Halcomb, E; Johnson, T
2023-07Provision of Primary Care Services and Cardioprotective Medication Prescriptions in Patients With Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer: A Cross-sectional StudyTu, Q; Hyun, K; Hafiz, N; Knight, A; Hespe, C; Chow, C; Briffa, T; Gallagher, R; Reid, C; Hare, D; Zwar, N; Woodward, M; Jan, S; Atkins, E; Laba, T; Halcomb, E; Usherwood, T
2011-11-21What determines adherence to treatment in cardiovascular disease prevention? Protocol for a mixed methods preference studyJan, S; Usherwood, T; Brien, JA; Peiris, D; Rose, J; Hayman, N; Howard, K; Redfern, J; Laba, T; Cass, A; Patel, A
2018-02-01What is the value of a driver licence? A contingent valuation study of Australian adultsAngell, B; Cullen, P; Laba, T; Lung, T; Shanahan, M; Sakashita, C; Eades, S; Ivers, R; Jan, S