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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09A Core Outcome Set for Research Evaluating Interventions to Prevent and/or Treat Delirium in Critically Ill Adults: An International Consensus Study (Del-COrS).Rose, L; Burry, L; Agar, M; Campbell, NL; Clarke, M; Lee, J; Marshall, JC; Devlin, JW; Blackwood, B; Needham, DM; Siddiqi, N; Page, V; Del-COrS Group,
2021-06-18A core outcome set for studies evaluating interventions to prevent and/or treat delirium for adults requiring an acute care hospital admission: an international key stakeholder informed consensus studyRose, L; Burry, L; Agar, M; Blackwood, B; Campbell, NL; Clarke, M; Devlin, JW; Lee, J; Marshall, JC; Needham, DM; Siddiqi, N; Page, V
2022-02-28A Multi-Mode Modulator for Multi-Domain Few-Shot ClassificationLiu, Y; Lee, J; Zhu, L; Chen, L; Shi, H; Yang, Y
2020-09A pre-trial evaluation of blinding for a Chinese herbal medicine trial.Razavy, S; Lee, J; Zaslawski, C
2023-07-05Altered Hippocampal and Striatal Expression of Endothelial Markers and VIP/PACAP Neuropeptides in a Mouse Model of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.Lee, J; Thomas Broome, S; Jansen, MI; Mandwie, M; Logan, GJ; Marzagalli, R; Musumeci, G; Castorina, A
2021-05An Amine-Borane System Featuring Room-Temperature Dehydrogenation and Regeneration.Zhang, G; Morrison, D; Bao, G; Yu, H; Yoon, CW; Song, T; Lee, J; Ung, AT; Huang, Z
2021-04-12An Amine–Borane System Featuring Room‐Temperature Dehydrogenation and RegenerationZhang, G; Morrison, D; Bao, G; Yu, H; Yoon, CW; Song, T; Lee, J; Ung, AT; Huang, Z
2013Bottom-up engineering of diamond micro- and nano-structuresAharonovich, I; Lee, J; Magyar, A; Bracher, D; Hu, E
2014-04Breast irradiation causes pallor in the nipple-areolar complex in women with Celtic skin type (result from the St. George and Wollongong randomised breast boost trial).Lee, YYD; Hau, E; Browne, LH; Chin, Y; Lee, J; Szwajcer, A; Cail, S; Nolan, DN; Graham, PH
2017-01-01The challenges of applying planetary boundaries as a basis for strategic decision-making in companies with global supply chainsClift, R; Sim, S; King, H; Chenoweth, JL; Christie, I; Clavreul, J; Mueller, C; Posthuma, L; Boulay, AM; Chaplin-Kramer, R; Chatterton, J; DeClerck, F; Druckman, A; France, C; Franco, A; Gerten, D; Goedkoop, M; Hauschild, MZ; Huijbregts, MAJ; Koellner, T; Lambin, EF; Lee, J; Mair, S; Marshall, S; McLachlan, MS; Milà i Canals, L; Mitchell, C; Price, E; Rockström, J; Suckling, J; Murphy, R
2021-06Clinical reasoning in traditional medicine exemplified by the clinical encounter of Korean medicine: a narrative review.Kim, T-H; Alraek, T; Bian, Z-X; Birch, S; Bovey, M; Lee, J; Lee, MS; Robinson, N; Zaslawski, C
2016-11-01Clinical trials of medicinal cannabis for appetite-related symptoms from advanced cancer: a survey of preferences, attitudes and beliefs among patients willing to consider participationLuckett, T; Phillips, J; Lintzeris, N; Allsop, D; Lee, J; Solowij, N; Martin, J; Lam, L; Aggarwal, R; McCaffrey, N; Currow, D; Chye, R; Lovell, M; McGregor, I; Agar, M
2018-01-01Cluster Editing with Vertex SplittingAbu-Khzam, FN; Egan, J; Gaspers, S; Shaw, A; Shaw, P; Lee, J; Rinaldi, G; Mahjoub, AR
2018-08-01The contingency value of the partner firm's customer assets in a business-to-business relationshipOh, Y; Lee, J; Kim, N
2022-03-01Corrigendum to “Clinical reasoning in traditional medicine exemplified by the clinical encounter of Korean medicine” [Integr Med Res 2021: 10; 100641]Kim, TH; Alraek, T; Bian, ZX; Birch, S; Bovey, M; Lee, J; Lee, MS; Robinson, N; Zaslawski, C
2014-09-01Development of a long-term bridge element performance model using elman neural networksLee, J; Guan, H; Loo, YC; Blumenstein, M
2014-04-01Development of an integrated method for probabilistic bridge-deterioration modelingBu, G; Lee, J; Guan, H; Blumenstein, M; Loo, YC
2017-09-01Development of core outcome sets for effectiveness trials of interventions to prevent and/or treat delirium (Del-COrS): Study protocolRose, L; Agar, M; Burry, LD; Campbell, N; Clarke, M; Lee, J; Siddiqi, N; Page, VJ
2013-01-07Development of hybrid optimisation method for Artificial Intelligence based bridge deterioration model - Feasibility studyCallow, D; Lee, J; Blumenstein, M; Guan, H; Loo, YC