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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-01A binaural room impulse response dataset and Shorelining psychophysical task for the evaluation of auditory sensory augmentationSun, H; Nguyen, M; Zhu, H; Nguyen, V; Lin, C-T; Jin, C
2021-11-13A Comparison of Common Video Game versus Real-World Heads-Up-Display Designs for the Purpose of Target Localization and IdentificationTian, Y; Minton, AG; Zhu, HY; Notaro, G; Galvan, R; Wang, Y-K; Chen, H-T; Allen, J; Ziegler, MD; Lin, C-T
2024A Connectivity-Aware Graph Neural Network for Real-Time Drowsiness Classification.Zhuang, Z; Wang, Y-K; Chang, Y-C; Liu, J; Lin, C-T
2021A Driving Performance Forecasting System Based on Brain Dynamic State Analysis Using 4-D Convolutional Neural Networks.Lin, C-T; Chuang, C-H; Hung, Y-C; Fang, C-N; Wu, D; Wang, Y-K
2021-05-08A Drone Nearly Hit Me! A Reflection on the Human Factors of Drone CollisionsZhu, HY; Magsino, EM; Hamim, SM; Lin, C-T; Chen, H-T
2018-01-01A fast and self-adaptive on-line learning detection systemPrasad, M; Zheng, D-R; Mery, D; Puthal, D; Sundaram, S; Lin, C-T; Ozawa, S; Tan, AH; Angelov, PP; Roy, A; Pratama, M
2020A Generalized Golden Rule Representative Value for Multiple-Criteria Decision AnalysisLiu, Z; Xiao, F; Lin, C-T; Kang, BH; Cao, Z
2024A Human-Centric Metaverse Enabled by Brain-Computer Interface: A SurveyZhu, HY; Hieu, NQ; Hoang, DT; Nguyen, DN; Lin, C-T
2021-01A Novel Negative-Transfer-Resistant Fuzzy Clustering Model With a Shared Cross-Domain Transfer Latent Space and its Application to Brain CT Image Segmentation.Jiang, Y; Gu, X; Wu, D; Hang, W; Xue, J; Qiu, S; Lin, C-T
2022-10-10A Novel Spark-Based Attribute Reduction and Neighborhood Classification for Rough Evidence.Ding, W; Sun, Y; Li, M; Liu, J; Ju, H; Huang, J; Lin, C-T
2022-10-11A perspective on electroencephalography sensors for brain-computer interfacesIacopi, F; Lin, C-T
-A Two-Phase Approach for Semi-Supervised Feature SelectionSaxena, A; Pare, S; Meena, MS; Gupta, D; Gupta, A; Razzak, I; Lin, C-T; Prasad, M
2023-09-15Acoustic touch: An auditory sensing paradigmto support close reaching for people who are blindJin, C; Bell, J-A; Deverell, L; Gates, F; Gorodo, I; Shayikh, S; Lin, C-T; Melencio, M; Nguyen, V; Singh, A; Zhu, H
2019-02Active learning for regression using greedy samplingWu, D; Lin, C-T; Huang, J
2021Adaptive Initialization Method for K-Means Algorithm.Yang, J; Wang, Y-K; Yao, X; Lin, C-T
2023-05-01An EEG-based Experiment on VR Sickness and Postural Instability While Walking in Virtual EnvironmentsCortes, CAT; Lin, C-T; Do, T-TN; Chen, H-T
2023-10-23An Evaluation of the Presentation of Acoustic Cues for Shorelining TechniquesNguyen, M; Zhu, H; Sun, H; Nguyen, V; Deverell, L; Singh, A; Jin, C; Lin, C-T
2023An investigation into the effectiveness of using acoustic touch to assist people who are blind.Zhu, HY; Hossain, SN; Jin, C; Singh, AK; Nguyen, MTD; Deverell, L; Nguyen, V; Gates, FS; Fernandez, IG; Melencio, MV; Bell, J-AR; Lin, C-T; Khan, IA
2022-04-01Artificial intelligence and deep learning for biomedical applicationsKhanna, P; Tanveer, M; Prasad, M; Lin, C-T
2022-05-09Associations between Sleep Quality and Heart Rate Variability: Implications for a Biological Model of Stress Detection Using Wearable Technology.Chalmers, T; Hickey, BA; Newton, P; Lin, C-T; Sibbritt, D; McLachlan, CS; Clifton-Bligh, R; Morley, JW; Lal, S