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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-04-16Beyond the Hype: Insights into Entrepreneurial Life in AustraliaLogue, D
2016-11-01Cultivating moral-relational judgement in business education: The merits and practicalities of Aristotle’s phronesisJarvis, WP; Logue, D
2020Digital transformation and institutional theorizing: Consequences, opportunities and challengesGegenhuber, T; Logue, D; Hinings, CR; Barrett, M
2014The Emergence of the ‘Social Economy’: the Australian not-for-profit sector in transitionLogue, D; Zappala, G
2021-03-10Entrepreneurial market-making across borders: The case of cultural and technological innovationJasovska, P; Liesch, P; Jasovska, P; Logue, D; Rammal, H
2022-09-23Institutional Perspectives on Digital TransformationGegenhuber, T; Logue, D; Hinings, CR; Barrett, M
2021-03-10Introduction-The evolution of entrepreneurship studies in the international business literature: Trends and direction for future researchJasovska, P; Logue, D; Rammal, HG
2017-10-01Knowledge collaboration between organizations and online communities: the role of open innovation intermediariesRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Schweitzer, J; Logue, D
2022-02-12Living up to the Hype: How New Ventures Manage the Resource and Liability of Future-Oriented Visions within the Nascent Market of Impact InvestingLogue, D; Grimes, MG
2021-01-01Platforms for the people: Enabling civic crowdfunding through the cultivation of institutional infrastructureLogue, D; Grimes, M
2020-04-07Review: Theories of Social InnovationLogue, D
2021-03-01Revising the ‘science of the organisation’: Theorizing AI agency and actorhoodvan Rijmenam, M; Logue, D
2017-07-06Routines of knowledge collaboration at the organization-community boundary: An exploratory study of community-based open innovationRandhawa, K; Josserand, E; Logue, D
2022-07-05Shifting Sands: The Institutional Embeddedness of the Sydney Nonprofit Sector and its Relation to the State, Market, and Civil SocietyHwang, H; Logue, D
2018-03-01Social enterprise to social value chain: Indigenous entrepreneurship transforming the native food industry in AustraliaLogue, D; Pitsis, A; Pearce, S; Chelliah, J
2017-07-19Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing ReportLogue, D; McAllister, G; Schweitzer, J
2015-01-01Towards an understanding of open innovation in services: Beyond the firm and towards relational co-creationEdwards, M; Logue, D; Schweitzer, J