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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01-01Adaptation to climate change of wheat growing in South Australia: Analysis of management and breeding strategiesLuo, Q; Bellotti, W; Williams, M; Wang, E
1999-01-01Agricultural vulnerability and adaptation in developing countries: The Asia-Pacific regionLuo, Q; Lin, E
2018-05-23Analytical approachTong, L; Luo, Q
2016-01-01Assessing uncertainties of water footprints using an ensemble of crop growth models on winter wheatKersebaum, KC; Kroes, J; Gobin, A; Takáč, J; Hlavinka, P; Trnka, M; Ventrella, D; Giglio, L; Ferrise, R; Moriondo, M; Marta, AD; Luo, Q; Eitzinger, J; Mirschel, W; Weigel, HJ; Manderscheid, R; Hoffmann, M; Nejedlik, P; Iqbal, MA; Hösch, J
2018-02-01Atomistic-scale simulations of mechanical behavior of suspended single-walled carbon nanotube bundles under nanoprojectile impactLiu, D; Yang, L; He, X; Wang, R; Luo, Q
2013-03-01Climate change and wheat crop yields in Australia: A reviewLuo, Q
2011-01-01Climate change effects on wheat yield and water use in oasis croplandYang, X; Chen, C; Luo, Q; Li, L; Yu, Q
2013-09-01A comparison of downscaling techniques in the projection of local climate change and wheat yieldsLuo, Q; Wen, L; McGregor, JL; Timbal, B
2014-08-10Cotton crop phenology in a new temperature regimeLuo, Q; Bange, M; Clancy, L
2015-04-01Cotton crop water use and water use efficiency in a changing climateLuo, Q; Bange, M; Johnston, D; Braunack, M
2012-07-01Developing higher resolution climate change scenarios for agricultural risk assessment: Progress, challenges and prospectsLuo, Q; Yu, Q
2011Developing higher resolution climate change scenarios for agricultural risk assessment: progress, challenges and prospectsLuo, Q; Yu, Q
2017-01-01Economics and risk of adaptation options in the Australian cotton industryLuo, Q; Behrendt, K; Bange, M
2018-06-01Effectiveness of time of sowing and cultivar choice for managing climate change: wheat crop phenology and water use efficiencyLuo, Q; O’Leary, G; Cleverly, J; Eamus, D
2010-01-01Effects of changes in climatic variability on agricultural productionLuo, Q; Bellotti, W; Hayman, P; Williams, M; Devoil, P
2019-03-18Fast Synthesis Algorithm for Uniformly Spaced Circular Array with Low Sidelobe PatternLuo, Q; Liu, Y; Liu, F; Ren, Y; Guo, YJ
2016-03-15The importance of interacting climate modes on Australia's contribution to global carbon cycle extremesCleverly, J; Eamus, D; Luo, Q; Coupe, NR; Kljun, N; Ma, X; Ewenz, C; Li, L; Yu, Q; Huete, A
2019-11-01Low velocity impact behavior of interlayer hybrid composite laminates with carbon/glass/basalt fibresChen, D; Luo, Q; Meng, M; Sun, G
2013-01-01Modelling the response of wheat grain yield to climate change: A sensitivity analysisLuo, Q; Kathuria, A
2009-08-01Modelling the sensitivity of wheat growth and water balance to climate change in Southeast AustraliaWang, J; Wang, E; Luo, Q; Kirby, M