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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-013D Hilbert fractal acoustic metamaterials: Low-frequency and multi-band sound insulationMan, XF; Xia, BZ; Luo, Z; Liu, J
2022-01-013D Printed Lens Antenna for Contactless Heartbeat and Respiration Detection Using mm-Wave Radar SensingLai, J; Sun, Y; Luo, Z; Yang, Y
2022-11-28A CFD-DEM Model for Particle Transport in AirwaysIslam, MS; Larpruenrudee, P; Rahman, MM; Luo, Z; Sauret, E; Gu, Y
2022-04-01A critical review on phase change materials (PCM) for sustainable and energy efficient building: Design, characteristic, performance and applicationWang, X; Li, W; Luo, Z; Wang, K; Shah, SP
2021-08A multi-objective optimization of stent geometriesGharleghi, R; Wright, H; Luvio, V; Jepson, N; Luo, Z; Senthurnathan, A; Babaei, B; Prusty, BG; Ray, T; Beier, S
2023-11A novel design for faster hydrogen storage: A combined semi-cylindrical and central return tube heat exchangerLarpruenrudee, P; Bennett, NS; Luo, Z; Fitch, R; Sauret, E; Islam, MS
2021-02-02A Trap-Door Mechanism for Zinc Acquisition by Streptococcus pneumoniae AdcA.Luo, Z; Morey, JR; Deplazes, E; Motygullina, A; Tan, A; Ganio, K; Neville, SL; Eleftheriadis, N; Isselstein, M; Pederick, VG; Paton, JC; Cordes, T; Harmer, JR; Kobe, B; McDevitt, CA
2013-12-01An adaptive method for high-resolution topology designWang, YQ; He, JJ; Luo, Z; Kang, Z
-An efficient method for design of lattice core sandwich structures with superior buckling strength under compressionCang, M; Zhang, L; Wang, Y; Fu, J; Luo, Z; Kang, Z; Fu, MW; Wang, MY
2015-01-01An element-free Galerkin method for topology optimization of micro compliant mechanismsWang, Y; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Gao, D; Ruan, N; Xing, W
2018-04-15An arbitrary polynomial chaos expansion approach for response analysis of acoustic systems with epistemic uncertaintyYin, S; Yu, D; Luo, Z; Xia, B
2019-12-01Bifurcation analysis of dynamic pricing processes with nonlinear external reference effectsLu, S; Oberst, S; Zhang, G; Luo, Z
2011-07-01Bioinformatic analysis of fruit-specific expressed sequence tag libraries of Diospyros kaki Thunb.: view at the transcriptome at different developmental stagesSablok, G; Luo, C; Lee, WS; Rahman, F; Tatarinova, TV; Harikrishna, JA; Luo, Z
2011-08-11CFD modeling of flow performance inside subsonic centrifugal compressorWang, Y; Luo, Z
2015-01-01Characteristic analysis of pitch-resistant hydraulically interconnected suspensions for two-axle vehiclesDing, F; Han, X; Zhang, N; Luo, Z
2013-03-15A Chebyshev interval method for nonlinear dynamic systems under uncertaintyWu, J; Zhang, Y; Chen, L; Luo, Z
2012-01A Chebyshev meta-model for uncertain optimization of vehicle suspensionsWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Zhang, Y; Gu, PYG; Saha, DSC
2012-01-01Comparison of interval method and polynomial chaos method for solving dynamics problem with uncertaintiesWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, N; Zhang, Y; Chen, L
2021-05-01Comparison on the properties of ITZs in fly ash-based geopolymer and Portland cement concretes with equivalent flowabilityLuo, Z; Li, W; Wang, K; Castel, A; Shah, SP
2005-08-01Compliant mechanism design using multi-objective topology optimization scheme of continuum structuresLuo, Z; Chen, L; Yang, J; Zhang, Y; Abdel-Malek, K