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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08-01A non-cooperative non-zero-sum game-based dependability assessment of heterogeneous WSNs with malware diffusionShen, S; Ma, H; Fan, E; Hu, K; Yu, S; Liu, J; Cao, Q
2019-10-01Advanced age promotes colonic dysfunction and gut-derived lung infection after strokeWen, SW; Shim, R; Ho, L; Wanrooy, BJ; Srikhanta, YN; Prame Kumar, K; Nicholls, AJ; Shen, SJ; Sepehrizadeh, T; de Veer, M; Srikanth, VK; Ma, H; Phan, TG; Lyras, D; Wong, CHY
2015-09-16Background-free in-vivo imaging of Vitamin C using time-gateable responsive probeSong, B; Ye, Z; Yang, Y; Ma, H; Zheng, X; Jin, D; Yuan, J
2019-03-01Context-Aware Mouse Behavior Recognition Using Hidden Markov ModelsJiang, Z; Crookes, D; Green, BD; Zhao, Y; Ma, H; Li, L; Zhang, S; Tao, D; Zhou, H
2003-01Controlled Assembly of Conducting Monomers for Molecular ElectronicsZareie, HM; Ma, H; Reed, BW; Jen, AK; Sarikaya, M
2018-09-15A critical review on membrane hybrid system for nutrient recovery from wastewaterYan, T; Ye, Y; Ma, H; Zhang, Y; Guo, W; Du, B; Wei, Q; Wei, D; Ngo, HH
2016-03-01Fabrication of hyperbranched polyamine functionalized graphene for high-efficiency removal of Pb(II) and methylene blueHu, L; Yang, Z; Cui, L; Li, Y; Ngo, HH; Wang, Y; Wei, Q; Ma, H; Yan, L; Du, B
2019-08-01A higher-order shear deformable mixed beam element model for accurate analysis of functionally graded sandwich beamsLi, W; Ma, H; Gao, W
2019-05-01In-situ exfoliation of porous carbon nitride nanosheets for enhanced hydrogen evolutionGao, X; Feng, J; Su, D; Ma, Y; Wang, G; Ma, H; Zhang, J
2018-08-11A Modified Phase Field Model Based on Order Parameter Gradient and Simulation of Martensitic Transformation in Large Scale SystemWei, C; Ke, C; Ma, H; Zhang, X
2018-12-01A modified stiffness spreading method for layout optimization of truss structuresCao, M; Ma, H; Wei, P
2018-09-01A novel energy dissipation outrigger system with rotational inertia damperLiu, L; Tan, P; Ma, H; Yan, W; Zhou, F
2020-01-01Novel hybrid of amorphous Sb/N-doped layered carbon for high-performance sodium-ion batteriesYang, J; Li, J; Wang, T; Notten, PHL; Ma, H; Liu, Z; Wang, C; Wang, G
2019-08-15A novel model order reduction scheme for fast and accurate material nonlinear analyses of large-scale engineering structuresLi, W; Ma, H
2004-03-12Ordered self-assembly and electronic behavior of C60-anthrylphenylacetylene hybrid.Kang, SH; Ma, H; Kang, M-S; Kim, K-S; Jen, AK-Y; Zareie, MH; Sarikaya, M
2018-07-01A Pulse Energy Injection Inverter for the Switch-Mode Inductive Power Transfer SystemWang, Y; Dong, L; Liao, X; Ju, X; Su, SW; Ma, H
2018-03-01Reliability Based Structural Topology Optimization Considering Non-stationary Stochastic ExcitationsHu, Z; Wang, Z; Su, C; Ma, H
2016-08-26A semantic labeling strategy to reject unknown objects in large scale 3D point cloudsMa, H; Shi, L; Kodagoda, S; Xiong, R
2009-05-20Shape and topology optimization for electrothermomechanical microactuators using level set methodsLuo, Z; Tong, L; Ma, H
2020-01-01Spam detection in reviews using lstm-based multi-entity temporal featuresXiang, L; Guo, G; Li, Q; Zhu, C; Chen, J; Ma, H