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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-01AIEgen based poly(L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) magnetic nanoparticles to localize cytokine VEGF for early cancer diagnosis and photothermal therapyMa, K; Liu, GJ; Yan, L; Wen, S; Xu, B; Tian, W; Goldys, EM; Liu, G
2022COVID-19 pandemic-related anxiety, stress, and depression among teachers: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Ma, K; Liang, L; Chutiyami, M; Nicoll, S; Khaerudin, T; Ha, XV
2018-10-01Deep Blur Mapping: Exploiting High-Level Semantics by Deep Neural NetworksMa, K; Fu, H; Liu, T; Wang, Z; Tao, D
2018-02-01Development of high-performance self-compacting concrete applied as the filling layer of high-speed railwayLong, G; Liu, H; Ma, K; Xie, Y; Li, W
2016-06-15Development of Wireless Transducer for Real-Time Remote Patient MonitoringYang, Y; Zhu, X; Ma, K; Simorangkir, RBVB; Karmakar, NC; Esselle, KP
2017-08-01DipIQ: Blind Image Quality Assessment by Learning-to-Rank Discriminable Image PairsMa, K; Liu, W; Liu, T; Wang, Z; Tao, D
2023-01-01Effectiveness of blended teaching in preservice teacher education: A meta-analysisMa, K; Zhang, J; Chutiyami, M; Liang, L; Dong, J
2019-09-10Enhanced mechanical properties and durability of coal gangue reinforced cement-soil mixture for foundation treatmentsLong, G; Li, L; Li, W; Ma, K; Dong, W; Bai, C; Zhou, JL
2018-03-15GIST: A generative model with individual and subgroup-based topics for group recommendationJi, K; Chen, Z; Sun, R; Ma, K; Yuan, Z; Xu, G
2017-04-13Graphene quantum dot based "switch-on" nanosensors for intracellular cytokine monitoring.Liu, G; Zhang, K; Ma, K; Care, A; Hutchinson, MR; Goldys, EM
2021-01-01HACK: A Hierarchical Model for Fake News DetectionLi, Y; Ji, K; Ma, K; Chen, Z; Wu, J; Li, Y; Xu, G
2021-06-01High internal phase emulsion hierarchical porous polymer grafting polyol compounds for boron removalWang, Z; Ma, K; Zhang, Y; Zhang, X; Ngo, HH; Meng, J; Du, L
-Recyling manganese-rich electrolytic residues: a reviewWang, F; Long, G; Ma, K; Zeng, X; Tang, Z; Dong, R; He, J; Shangguan, M; Hu, Q; Liew, RK; Li, Y; Zhou, J
2017-01-01Solar photovoltaic power plantsIslam, R; Xu, W; Guo, Y; Ma, K
2018-02-23"Turn-on" Fluorescent Aptasensor Based on AIEgen Labeling for the Localization of IFN-γ in Live Cells.Ma, K; Zhang, F; Sayyadi, N; Chen, W; Anwer, AG; Care, A; Xu, B; Tian, W; Goldys, EM; Liu, G