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Jun-201317q25 Locus is associated with white matter hyperintensity volume in ischemic stroke, but not with lacunar stroke status.Adib-Samii, P; Rost, N; Traylor, M; Devan, W; Biffi, A; Lanfranconi, S; Fitzpatrick, K; Bevan, S; Kanakis, A; Valant, V; Gschwendtner, A; Malik, R; Richie, A; Gamble, D; Segal, H; Parati, EA; Ciusani, E; Holliday, EG; Maguire, J; Wardlaw, J; Worrall, B; Bis, J; Wiggins, KL; Longstreth, W; Kittner, SJ; Cheng, Y-C; Mosley, T; Falcone, GJ; Furie, KL; Leiva-Salinas, C; Lau, BC; Saleem Khan, M; Australian Stroke Genetics Collaborative; Wellcome Trust Case-Control Consortium-2 (WTCCC2); METASTROKE; Sharma, P; Fornage, M; Mitchell, BD; Psaty, BM; Sudlow, C; Levi, C; Boncoraglio, GB; Rothwell, PM; Meschia, J; Dichgans, M; Rosand, J; Markus, HS; International Stroke Genetics Consortium
Mar-2016Association of MTHFR C677T Genotype With Ischemic Stroke Is Confined to Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Subtype.Rutten-Jacobs, LCA; Traylor, M; Adib-Samii, P; Thijs, V; Sudlow, C; Rothwell, PM; Boncoraglio, G; Dichgans, M; Meschia, J; Maguire, J; Levi, C; Rost, NS; Rosand, J; Hassan, A; Bevan, S; Markus, HS
Oct-2016Effectiveness of assertive communication training programs for health professionals and students: a systematic review protocol.Omura, M; Maguire, J; Levett-Jones, T; Stone, TE
Nov-2017The effectiveness of assertiveness communication training programs for healthcare professionals and students: A systematic review.Omura, M; Maguire, J; Levett-Jones, T; Stone, TE
Apr-2017Home care packages: insights into the experiences of older people leading up to the introduction of consumer directed care in Australia.Day, J; Taylor, ACT; Summons, P; Van Der Riet, P; Hunter, S; Maguire, J; Dilworth, S; Bellchambers, H; Jeong, S; Haydon, G; Harris, M; Higgins, I
Mar-2011Impact of COX-2 rs5275 and rs20417 and GPIIIa rs5918 polymorphisms on 90-day ischemic stroke functional outcome: a novel finding.Maguire, J; Thakkinstian, A; Levi, C; Lincz, L; Bisset, L; Sturm, J; Scott, R; Whyte, S; Attia, J
Sep-2016Japanese nursing students' sense of belonging: A story of Uchi (insider) and Soto (outsider).Honda, K; Levett-Jones, T; Stone, T; Maguire, J
Apr-2014Plasma angiopoietin-1 is lower after ischemic stroke and associated with major disability but not stroke incidence.Golledge, J; Clancy, P; Maguire, J; Lincz, L; Koblar, S; McEvoy, M; Attia, J; Levi, C; Sturm, J; Almeida, OP; Yeap, BB; Flicker, L; Norman, PE; Hankey, GJ
Dec-2014Polygenic overlap between kidney function and large artery atherosclerotic stroke.Holliday, EG; Traylor, M; Malik, R; Bevan, S; Maguire, J; Koblar, SA; Sturm, J; Hankey, GJ; Oldmeadow, C; McEvoy, M; Sudlow, C; Rothwell, PM; Coresh, J; Hamet, P; Tremblay, J; Turner, ST; de Andrade, M; Rao, M; Schmidt, R; Crick, PA; Robino, A; Peralta, CA; Jukema, JW; Mitchell, P; Rosas, SE; Wang, JJ; Scott, RJ; Dichgans, M; Mitchell, BD; Kao, WHL; Fox, CS; Levi, C; Attia, J; Markus, HS; CKDGen Consortium and the International Stroke Genetics Consortium
May-2018Practical Issues of Conducting a Q Methodology Study: Lessons Learned From a Cross-cultural StudyStone, TE; Maguire, J; Kang, SJ; Cha, C
Jan-2015Recommendations from the international stroke genetics consortium, part 1: standardized phenotypic data collection.Majersik, JJ; Cole, JW; Golledge, J; Rost, NS; Chan, Y-FY; Gurol, ME; Lindgren, AG; Woo, D; Fernandez-Cadenas, I; Chen, DT; Thijs, V; Worrall, BB; Kamal, A; Bentley, P; Wardlaw, JM; Ruigrok, YM; Battey, TWK; Schmidt, R; Montaner, J; Giese, A-K; Roquer, J; Jiménez-Conde, J; Lee, C; Ay, H; Martin, JJ; Rosand, J; Maguire, J; International Stroke Genetics Consortium
Jan-2015Recommendations from the international stroke genetics consortium, part 2: biological sample collection and storage.Battey, TWK; Valant, V; Kassis, SB; Kourkoulis, C; Lee, C; Anderson, CD; Falcone, GJ; Jimenez-Conde, J; Fernandez-Cadenas, I; Pare, G; Rundek, T; James, ML; Lemmens, R; Lee, T-H; Tatlisumak, T; Kittner, SJ; Lindgren, A; Mateen, FJ; Berkowitz, AL; Holliday, EG; Majersik, J; Maguire, J; Sudlow, C; Rosand, J; International Stroke Genetics Consortium
Oct-2011The role of tenascin C in cardiovascular disease.Golledge, J; Clancy, P; Maguire, J; Lincz, L; Koblar, S
May-2015Shared genetic basis for migraine and ischemic stroke: A genome-wide analysis of common variants.Malik, R; Freilinger, T; Winsvold, BS; Anttila, V; Vander Heiden, J; Traylor, M; de Vries, B; Holliday, EG; Terwindt, GM; Sturm, J; Bis, JC; Hopewell, JC; Ferrari, MD; Rannikmae, K; Wessman, M; Kallela, M; Kubisch, C; Fornage, M; Meschia, JF; Lehtimäki, T; Sudlow, C; Clarke, R; Chasman, DI; Mitchell, BD; Maguire, J; Kaprio, J; Farrall, M; Raitakari, OT; Kurth, T; Ikram, MA; Reiner, AP; Longstreth, WT; Rothwell, PM; Strachan, DP; Sharma, P; Seshadri, S; Quaye, L; Cherkas, L; Schürks, M; Rosand, J; Ligthart, L; Boncoraglio, GB; Davey Smith, G; van Duijn, CM; Stefansson, K; Worrall, BB; Nyholt, DR; Markus, HS; van den Maagdenberg, AMJM; Cotsapas, C; Zwart, JA; Palotie, A; International Headache Genetics Consortium; Dichgans, M; METASTROKE Collaboration of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium
1-Sep-2016Stroke Recovery GeneticsLindgren, A; Maguire, J
2017Survivors' quality of life after cardiopulmonary resuscitation: An integrative review of the literatureHaydon, G; van der Riet, P; Maguire, J
25-Aug-2014Tenascin-C is increased in atherothrombotic stroke patients and has an anti-inflammatory effect in the human carotid artery.Clancy, P; Lincz, LF; Maguire, J; McEvoy, M; Koblar, SA; Golledge, J
28-Jun-2017Upregulation of arylsulfatase B in carotid atherosclerosis is associated with symptoms of cerebral embolization.Biros, E; Moran, CS; Maguire, J; Holliday, E; Levi, C; Golledge, J