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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02Bioinspired synthesis of zinc oxide nano-flowers: A surface enhanced antibacterial and harvesting efficiency.Hasan, M; Altaf, M; Zafar, A; Hassan, SG; Ali, Z; Mustafa, G; Munawar, T; Saif, MS; Tariq, T; Iqbal, F; Khan, MW; Mahmood, A; Mahmood, N; Shu, X
2021-10-01Foldable and scrollable graphene paper with tuned interlayer spacing as high areal capacity anodes for sodium-ion batteriesMahmood, A; Yuan, Z; Sui, X; Riaz, MA; Yu, Z; Liu, C; Chen, J; Wang, C; Zhao, S; Mahmood, N; Pei, Z; Wei, L; Chen, Y
2021-07Multiplexing surface anchored functionalized iron carbide nanoparticle: A low molecular weight proteome responsive nano-tracer.Hasan, M; Gulzar, H; Zafar, A; Ul Haq, A; Mustafa, G; Tariq, T; Khalid, A; Mahmmod, A; Shu, X; Mahmood, N
2021-12-01Recent development in graphdiyne and its derivative materials for novel biomedical applications.Khan, K; Tareen, AK; Iqbal, M; Mahmood, A; Mahmood, N; Shi, Z; Yin, J; Qing, D; Ma, C; Zhang, H
2021-09-16The role of nitrogen in transition-metal nitrides in electrochemical water splittingJamil, R; Ali, R; Loomba, S; Xian, J; Yousaf, M; Khan, K; Shabbir, B; McConville, CF; Mahmood, A; Mahmood, N
2021-09-01Thermally activated epoxy-functionalized carbon as an electrocatalyst for efficient NO<inf>x</inf> reductionSharif, HMA; Li, T; Mahmood, N; Ahmad, M; Xu, J; Mahmood, A; Djellabi, R; Yang, B
2022-01-01Visualization of battery materials and their interfaces/interphases using cryogenic electron microscopyYousaf, M; Naseer, U; Imran, A; Li, Y; Aftab, W; Mahmood, A; Mahmood, N; Zhang, X; Gao, P; Lu, Y; Guo, S; Pan, H; Jiang, Y