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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A borrowed life: Introduction to the great dis-equalizer—the covid-19 crisisManganas, N; Loda, A
2021A Europe of Stories: Queer Cartography and the Grammar of HopeManganas, N
2022-02-16A Europe of stories: Queer cartography and the grammar of hopeManganas, N
2020-05-03A Place to Finally Rest: Reading National Shame in Spanish Crisis CinemaManganas, N
-BOOK REVIEW: “Take Me to Spain”: Australian Imaginings of Spain through Music and DanceManganas, N
-Emotional scapes in Mediterranean port cities: Walking Barcelona, Marseille and GenovaDuruz, J; Giovanangeli, A; Loda, A; Manganas, N
2007-01Europe is Scared... the Narrative of Perpetual PeaceManganas, N
2019-09-10Geographies of Food: The BA International Studies 25th Anniversary Cookbook, ed. Paul Allatson, Angela Giovanangeli and Emi Otsuji.Otsuji, E; Gavran, M; Groeneveld, S; Andersen, M; Jeffreys, E; Goodman, DSG; Vanni Accarigi, I; Maggiora de Iturralde, P; Fletcher, N; Sharp, L; Sheldon, M; Browitt, J; Donald, S; Harbon, L; Mikula, M; Giovanangeli, A; Loda, A; Allatson, P; Hurley, A; Barclay, K; Robert, J; Rodriguez, M; Leigh, B; McCormack, J; Manganas, N; Wyndham, M; Aponte Ortiz, L; Allatson, P; Giovanangeli, A; Otsuji, E
2021-04-15Iberian Swagger versus Feminist Masculinity: Populist Narratives of Masculinity in Contemporary SpainManganas, N; Hakola, O; Salminen, J; Turpeinen, J; Winberg, O
2016Las dos Espanas: Terror and Crisis in Contemporary SpainManganas, N
2017-01-01The new gay loneliness?: Desire and urban gay male culturesManganas, N
2019-05-15Olivia Pope: 'Fixer' of Necropolitical FalloutManganas, N; Adams, S; Kimberly R., M; Ronald L., J
2007-01The Possibility of a 'Dead Europe': Tsiolkas, Houellebecq and European MythologiesManganas, N
2018-01-01Queer fantasies, queer echoes: The post-closet world of lookingManganas, N
2018-05-01Queering and querying the Australian suburbs: reimagining (sub)urban identitiesManganas, N
2019-06-10Real men: Sam Smith's emasculation of the James Bond themeManganas, N
2019-07-03Real men: Sam Smith’s emasculation of the James Bond themeManganas, N
2009The return of las dos Españas? : narratives of terror in contemporary SpainManganas, N
2023-01-01The pedagogy of listening: The poetics of crisis in contemporary EuropeManganas, N
2021-07-01What do we talk about when we talk about queer death?/1 Theories and definitionsManganas, N; MacCormack, P; Radomska, M; Lykke, N; Illerup Hansen, I; Olson, P