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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Bi2Se3@C Rod-like Architecture with Outstanding ElectrochemicalProperties in Lithium/Potassium-Ion BatteriesYang, T; Liu, J; Yang, D; Mao, Q; Zhong, J; Yuan, Y; Li, X; Zheng, X; Ji, Z; Liu, H; Wang, G; Zheng, R
2012-12-01Domain adaptation for coreference resolution: An adaptive ensemble approachYang, JB; Mao, Q; Xiang, QL; Tsang, IW; Chai, KMA; Chieu, HL
2013-01-01Efficient multitemplate learning for structured predictionMao, Q; Wai-Hung, I
2013-08-05A feature selection method for multivariate performance measuresMao, Q; Tsang, IWH
2015-06-01Generalized multiple kernel learning with data-dependent priorsMao, Q; Tsang, IW; Gao, S; Wang, L
2019-02-12In-situ synthesis of Ni-Co-S nanoparticles embedded in novel carbon bowknots and flowers with pseudocapacitance-boosted lithium ion storageYang, T; Yang, D; Mao, Q; Liu, Y; Bao, L; Chen, Y; Xiong, Q; Ji, Z; Ling, CD; Liu, H; Wang, G; Zheng, R
2017-01-01Latent smooth skeleton embeddingWang, L; Mao, Q; Tsang, IW
2012-12-01Learning target predictive function without target labelsSeah, CW; Tsang, IWH; Ong, YS; Mao, Q
2012-12-01Multi-view positive and unlabeled learningZhou, JT; Pan, SJ; Mao, Q; Tsang, IW
2013-02-20Objective-guided image annotationMao, Q; Tsang, IWH; Gao, S
2011-12-01Optimizing performance measures for feature selectionMao, Q; Tsang, IWH
2010-12-01Parameter-free spectral kernel learningMao, Q; Tsang, IW
2017-11-01Principal Graph and Structure Learning Based on Reversed Graph EmbeddingMao, Q; Wang, L; Tsang, IW; Sun, Y
2012-10-10A split-merge framework for comparing clusteringsXiang, Q; Mao, Q; Chai, KMA; Chieu, HL; Tsang, IWH; Zhao, Z
2017-05-01A unified probabilistic framework for robust manifold learning and embeddingMao, Q; Wang, L; Tsang, IW