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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-05A different kind of sharing economy: A literature review of platform cooperativesZhu, JA; Marjanovic, O
2021-02-03Algorithmic Pollution - Making the Invisible VisibleMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D; Vidgen, R
2021-05-11Algorithmic Pollution: Making the Invisible VisibleMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D; Vidgen, R
2018-01-01Algorithmic pollution: Understanding and responding to negative consequences of algorithmic decision-makingMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D; Vidgen, R
2021-01-05Business Analytics Capabilities for Organisational ResilienceAl-Ghattas, H; Marjanovic, O
2019-07-08A Conceptual Framework of Digital Empowerment of Informal Carers: An Expert Elicitation StudySethibe, T; Abedin, B; Marjanovic, O; Milne, D
2021-08-09Digital Agility: Balancing Situational Turbulence with Digital PlatformsKovacevic-Opacic, L; Marjanovic, O
2017-09-01Exploring the tension between transparency and datification effects of open government IS through the lens of Complex Adaptive SystemsMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D
2016-06-01From product-centric to customer-centric services in a financial institution – exploring the organizational challenges of the transition processMarjanovic, O; Murthy, V
2020-12-04Gender Bias in AI: A Review of Contributing Factors and Mitigating StrategiesNadeem, A; Abedin, B; Marjanovic, O
2021-01-01Gender Bias in AI: Implications for Managerial PracticesNadeem, A; Marjanovic, O; Abedin, B
2020-08-10How do platform cooperatives contribute to sustainable development goals?Zhu, J; Marjanovic, O
2016-04-01Integrating open innovation and business process innovation: Insights from a large-scale study on a transition economyPilav-Velić, A; Marjanovic, O
2018-01-01Learning from the history of business intelligence and analytics research at HICSS: A semantic text-mining approachMarjanovic, O; Dinter, B
2020-12-01Open government data platforms – A complex adaptive sociomaterial systems perspectiveMarjanovic, O; Cecez-Kecmanovic, D
2018-01-15Reconfiguration of Information Flows by Public Sector IT Systems: The Question of Fairness and EthicsCecez-Kecmanovic, D; Marjanovic, O; Mitev, N; Morgan Thomas, A; Lorino, P; DeVaujany, FX; Nama, Y
2021-12-01Resistance is not futile: Co-operatives, demutualization, agriculture, and neoliberalism in AustraliaPatmore, G; Balnave, N; Marjanovic, O
2021-12-11The analytical landscape of cannabis compliance testingGoldman, S; Bramante, J; Vrdoljak, G; Guo, W; Wang, Y; Marjanovic, O; Orlowicz, S; Di Lorenzo, R; Noestheden, M
2020-08-10The co-evolution of digital platform strategy and platform architectureKovacevic-Opacic, L; Marjanovic, O
2020Visualising Organisations Over Time and Space - The Visual Atlas of the Australian CooperativesPatmore, G; Balnave, N; Marjanovic, O