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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01Are qualified and experienced outside directors willing to join fraudulent firms and if so, why?Ghannam, S; Bugeja, M; Matolcsy, ZP; Spiropoulos, H
2006-01Are we paying our CEOs too much?Matolcsy, ZP; Wright, AP
2008-03-01The association between technological conditions and the market value of equityMatolcsy, ZP; Wyatt, A
2004-01Audit quality and post earnings announcement driftFerguson, AC; Matolcsy, ZP
2001-01Capitalisation and Intangibles: a Review of Current Practice and the Regulatory FrameworkWyatt, A; Matolcsy, ZP; Stokes, D
2004-01Corporate governance scoring systems: what do they tell us?Linden, P; Matolcsy, ZP
2009-01Determinants of board composition in Australia and the impact of corporate governance regulationMatolcsy, ZP; Tyler, JV; Wells, PA; Marriott, N
2013-06-01Do board characteristics influence the shareholders' assessment of risk for small and large firms?Christy, JA; Matolcsy, ZP; Wright, A; Wyatt, A
2005-11-01Economic benefits of enterprise resource planning systems: Some empirical evidenceMatolcsy, ZP; Booth, P; Wieder, B
2007-01Economic determinants of group versus individual compensation schemes for senior executivesBrown, PJ; Matolcsy, ZP; Wells, PA; Stewart, J; Hay, D
2005-01An exploratory study of Australian operations budget practiceSivabalan, P; Malmi, T; Brown, DA; Matolcsy, ZP; Faff, R
2009-01How do analysts forecast earnings?Lambert, D; Matolcsy, ZP; Wyatt, A; Faff, R
2006-01-16The impact of ERP systems on firm and business process performanceWieder, B; Booth, P; Matolcsy, ZP; Ossimitz, ML
2019-04-01The influence of powerful non-executive Chairs in Mergers and acquisitionsGhannam, S; Matolcsy, ZP; Spiropoulos, H; Thai, N
2001-01Internal report of derivatives: some Australian evidenceMatolcsy, ZP; Petty, JD
2012-09-01Is there a gender gap in CEO compensation?Bugeja, M; Matolcsy, ZP; Spiropoulos, H
1981-01The market characteristics of failed companies: Extensions and further evidenceCastagna, A; Matolcsy, ZP
2006-01Pecuniary and non-pecuniary compensation and firm performance: some evidence from Chinese state dominated and non-state dominated enterprisesMatolcsy, ZP; Wells, PA; Lee, G
2020-01-01Powerful CEOs, cash bonus contracts and firm performanceBachmann, RL; Loyeung, A; Matolcsy, ZP; Spiropoulos, H
1981-01The prediction of corporate failure: Testing the Australian experienceCastagna, A; Matolcsy, ZP