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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2018Aberrant Patterns: Cataloguing the Visual Effects of Materialising the Hidden Patterns in Digital Imaging SystemsPerin, G; Matthews, L
1-Jan-2014Affective colourPerin, G; Matthews, L
31-Dec-2019Analogue x digital: Parallel techniques for design learningMatthews, L; Donnelly, S
6-Sep-2017Chromatic cartography: [Re] drawing architecture in a digital paradigmPerin, G; Matthews, L
1-Jan-2012Designing (in) the PhD in architecture: Knowledge, discipline, pedagogyRice, C; Matthews, L
1-Jan-2018Drawing imprecision: The digital drawing as bits and pixelsAustin, M; Matthews, L
1-Mar-2019Exploiting ambiguity: The diffraction artefact and the architectural surfaceMatthews, L; Perin, G
1-Dec-2011Exploiting instability: Reconfiguring digital systemsMatthews, L; Perin, G
2018Novel Disruptive Methods: Pattern Adaptations for Military StructuresMatthews, L; Perin, G; Perry, S; Bone, D; Culpepper, J
1-Jan-2017A productive ambiguity: Diffraction aberrations as a template for the architectural surfaceMatthews, L; Perin, G
17-Jul-2019The Qualitative ImageMatthews, L; Biloria, N
1-Jan-2014Reconfiguring space: The collective autonomy of digital technologyMatthews, L; Perin, G
1-Jan-2019Synthesising analogue and digital: Abstraction as an integrated pedagogical toolDonnelly, S; Matthews, L
1-Jan-2015Transforming pixel hierarchies: the new materiality of the city imageMatthews, L; Perin, G; Bidarra, J; Eca, T; Tavares, M; Leote, R; Pimentel, L; Carvalho, E; Figueiredo, M