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2023-08Air purifiers for reducing the incidence of acute respiratory infections in australian residential aged care facilities: A study protocol for a randomised control trial.Thottiyil Sultanmuhammed Abdul Khadar, B; Sim, J; McDonagh, J; McDonald, VM; Mitchell, BG
2023-01Cardiovascular Nursing and Climate Change: A Call to Action From the CSANZ Cardiovascular Nursing Council.Inglis, SC; Ferguson, C; Eddington, R; McDonagh, J; Aldridge, CJ; Bardsley, K; Candelaria, D; Chen, YY; Clark, RA; Halcomb, E; Hendriks, JM; Hickman, LD; Wynne, R
2022-09Clinician Estimates of Frailty Compared to Formal Frailty Assessment in Adults With Heart Failure: A Cross-Sectional Analysis.McDonagh, J; Prichard, R; Ferguson, C; Phillips, JL; Davidson, PM; Macdonald, PS; Newton, PJ
2022-10-27Comparison of six frailty instruments in adults with heart failure: a prospective cohort pilot study.McDonagh, J; Ferguson, C; Prichard, R; Chang, S; Philips, JL; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ; Macdonald, PS
2020-01-01Evaluating the convergent and discriminant validity of three versions of the frailty phenotype in heart failure: results from the FRAME-HF studyMcDonagh, J; Salamonson, Y; Ferguson, C; Prichard, R; Jha, SR; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2018-02-01Frailty Assessment in Heart Failure: an Overview of the Multi-domain ApproachMcDonagh, J; Ferguson, C; Newton, PJ
2018-01-01Frailty assessment instruments in heart failure: A systematic reviewMcDonagh, J; Martin, L; Ferguson, C; Jha, SR; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2023-04Frailty in Heart Failure: It's Time to Intervene.McDonagh, J; Ferguson, C; Frost, SA; Davidson, PM
2021-08Frailty: A Dynamic Process in Aortic Stenosis?McDonagh, J; Prichard, R; Macdonald, PS
2018-12-01#Frailty: A snapshot Twitter report on frailty knowledge translationJha, SR; McDonagh, J; Prichard, R; Newton, PJ; Hickman, LD; Fung, E; Macdonald, PS; Ferguson, C
2023-08-01Hospital service use in the last year of life by Indigenous Australians who died of heart failure or cardiomyopathy: A linked data studySingh, GK; Bowers, AP; Ferguson, C; McDonagh, J; Ivynian, SE; Chambers, S; Hickman, LD
2015-08-01Impact of multiple symptoms on quality of life and event-free survival in chronic heart failureIvynian, SE; Hwang, C; McDonagh, J; Digiacomo, M; Inglis, SC; Newton, PJ
2021-01-01Predictive Performance of Six Frailty Instruments in Adults With Heart Failure: 12-month Outcomes From the FRAME-HF StudyMcDonagh, J; Ferguson, C; Prichard, R; Chang, S; Phillips, J; Davidson, P; Macdonald, P; Newton, P
2023-11Risk of organism acquisition from prior room occupants: An updated systematic review.Mitchell, BG; McDonagh, J; Dancer, SJ; Ford, S; Sim, J; Thottiyil Sultanmuhammed Abdul Khadar, B; Russo, PL; Maillard, J-Y; Rawson, H; Browne, K; Kiernan, M
-The prototype of a frailty learning health system: The HARMONY ModelParker, KJ; Hickman, LD; McDonagh, J; Lindley, RI; Ferguson, C